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A quick step-by-step guide for Techy companies. Many Techy companies find it hard to market themselves. My recent blog article gives you a quick step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of technical marketing.     I am a Techy Company with a great product but how do i sell it?

The POWER of a brand vs the FORCE of publicity

To the excitement and now disappointment of my fans; I published me on the front cover of @Forbes magazine.

Hanging onto that rocket!  The 3D laser scanning market is on the up up and away!

By Elaine ball, a marketing perspective, 3D laser scanning market The 3D laser scanning market is changing rapidly.  We have all seen the decline is pricing with the hustle and bussell of the Faro Focus ‘frightening’ all the other manufacturers around the globe.  (The impact was phenomenal and a great change in direction).  3D Laser […]

The corporate website?  The key to B2B companies?  The slicker the better??? Or is it?

Remember not that long ago, text heavy websites that did not ‘ooozz’ creativity but provided the reader with as much information as possible.   The objective TO INFORM? Now…. fast forward to 2013 and beyond.  The corporate website MUST stay ahead of the creativity spiral! Or should it?  Let me come back to that point. The website is your hub!  […]

Brand Positioning! How do I know where my product is and how can I move it if it isn’t working?

Our customers know us as one thing; our competition think we are competition but we are not and we think we are going down this path but we aren’t…. Try this: Start internally.  Ask your people (in all departments) what they think the benefits of your products are.  What do they think your customers thinks […]

OMG my product is great but I’ve hired idiots!

This is a rather touchy subject and quite controversial but its also a very important subject.  You may have a great product and service.  The marketing is right, you’re getting the leads, you’re slowing (and I mean slowly) growing but that’s it. Have you looked at your people?  Do they get on? Are they happy? Are they the right […]

I have NO idea HOW to sell this thing!!!

Ok, you’re a technical company with an amazing product now what do you do with it?  I get asked this question all the time.  “We know its good but we don’t know how to sell it?” OR “All our customers are through word of mouth but we don’t know how to sell it!”  Sound familiar? Ok, here are some tips: 1. What […]

Content Marketing! Big deal!!!?

(By Elaine Ball) The big buzz in the world of B2B marketing at the moment is “content marketing”. Big deal or is it? I’m currently down at MarketingWeekLive in London: quite impressive actually, and the topic is hot here too. We all know we must write specific stuff for our specific audience. But do we […]

I am a Techy Company with a great product but how do i sell it?

Getting the basics right! This seems to be quite a hot topic for many technical B2B organisations.  Getting the basics right!  Techy people, like yourselves love technology.  Seeing a vision for the beloved product is wonderful.  However… the hardest thing for technical boffins is getting it out into the marketplace. Here are some basic tips […]

Too many social whats?  I can’t do them all, its too much!

Do you tweet? Do you Blog? Do you Facebook? Do you Pinterest?….. I can hear you saying; STOP!! Its too much!  “too many things and what’s the point?”  I agree there are too many.  Lucky for you I love to find the latest platforms and test them out for myself!  Below is a very short […]

Do online crowds work for B2B companies?

I’ve just read an article in The Marketer ( titled Crowd Control.  Muireann Bolger explains how today’s consumers are using social media to make decisions.  People are flocking in the crowds to obtain, check and make decisions on information that has been posted on the web.  Checking if product x will work?  We have seen this with  But […]

Do you have a sweet spot?

Well i’ve just landed in Yorkshire after a 6hrs journey from Aberdeen…. I took some advice last night from @jeffbullas the guru in Social Media.  He recommended some books to read so I downloaded The Element by Ken Robinson.  Since I had such a long journey I thought I would digest some new information. Wow!  How […]

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