1st Twitter Chat goes crazy for GEOBusiness Show 2015

Today was EBTM’s first LIVE Twitter Chat, hosted to the Exhibitors at GEOBusiness Show 2015.  The show will be held at the Business Design Centre in London on 27 to 28th May 2015.  The chat lasted over 45minutes of interaction!

What did we do and how it worked:

Firstly; EBTM posted on their Twitter Page @EBTMarketing

to EBTM’s Twitter Chat on ‘sharing your ideas’ on what you are doing & promoting at Geobusiness Show.  Q1 coming up……..:”

First question to go live:

Q1:  Share what you are promoting & doing @GeobusinessShow.  Use hashtag #ebtmchat in your thread

Twitter followers then used the hashtag #ebtmchat to answer, talk, chat and interact with each other.  The tag helps people follow what is going on and keeps the topic in one place!

See below, what happend:

A very big thank you to all the participants!  Well done!  We are also looking forward to seeing you at Geobusiness in May!!  Stop by and see what goodies we have up our sleeves!