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Crafting a Winning Sales Plan for the New Year

As we start the new year, businesses are presented with a new opportunity to set ambitious sales goals and devise strategies to achieve them. A well-thought-out sales plan is the key to a successful business, providing direction, focus, and a roadmap for growth.  Here are some best practices to make 2024 your most profitable year […]

Stop Busting Your Balls For Nothing. Make Your Geospatial Business More Profitable.

Recently, I met Fred. I like him; he’s chatty and frank. Unfortunately, he’s also struggling like a lot of surveyors.  Fred made over £1 million in revenue this year – with less than a 1% profit margin.  He’s burnt out and understandably frustrated. Can you imagine how many hours he’s invested to bring that million […]

Price is Never a Real Objection – It’s Usually Just a Complaint

In a crowded market with many offers and competitors, we tend to hear a lot of: “Your price is too high,” “I have other offers with a better price,” and so on. But what if I told you that price is NOT a determining factor within a sales process, and it is usually a complaint […]

What is the difference between sales and marketing?

The objective is to understand the difference between sales and marketing in order to grasp how working together will improve your sales revenue at a profit.    Audience: Owners of Survey Firms / Sales and Markeitng Managers of equipment sellers   Marketing and sales play a very important role within ANY business.  In a nutshell, they […]

✨5 Simple Steps for Creating a Geospatial Marketing Plan! ✨

Here are 5 Simple Steps for Creating a Geospatial Marketing Plan that works for you! 1.Set a goal for your marketing Example: to grow sales by 20% in the Construction market to $1m USD. The trick is FOCUS! 📋 You need a goal in order to know where you are going and what it looks like […]

Marketing Articles NOT to FORGET!

  Marketing Articles not to forget A GROWING list of great articles.  I come across some amazing reads… and while I post a lot of these on our dedicated Geospatial Sales & Marketing Support Group on LinkedIn I’ve decided to add them to this page….   So keep you eye ball’s peeled….     Strategy & Marketing […]

Follow These 6 Steps to NAIL Your Sales Lead Generation

Remember that time one of your clients bought a complete LiDAR remote sensing system on the spur of the moment? That’s right, they didn’t. BECAUSE NO ONE DOES THAT. Here in the geo-space, people think pretty damn carefully about the technology they’re going to invest in. It takes time to make a decision. A sales […]

How to Turn Your Website into a Lean, Mean, Converting Machine

What company isn’t looking to turn a profit? Yep, no doubt about it; these days the geospatial industry is a hot-mess of companies all searching for the holy grail…real life paying customers. But so many people don’t invest in one crucial revenue source: the humble website. Yes you know who you are!!  Sure, you can […]

Surveyors: How to get the most out of a tiny Marketing Budget!

The “How-2-be-a-GeoMarketer” Series Part 1 – Surveyors: How to get the most out of a tiny Marketing Budget! Hey up (as we say in Yorkshire) Surveyors.  I’ve pulled together a quick guide on how to get the most out of a tiny marketing budget!  Focused at Surveyors: directors and managers of survey teams and their […]

The Power of Videos for Developing Sales

  The Power of Videos for Developing Sales Scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed and what do you see?  Video clips. Animations. Mini-documentaries. Awareness-raising videos. Sales and demo videos. Everywhere. Click on a link to a news article or blog post in just about any field and as likely as not, there’ll be a […]

Geospatial Buying Process Grinding to a Halt? Here’s a Tried-and-Tested Way to Oil the Wheels

  We talk a lot about the “buying process” or the “buyer’s journey” in Geospatial. You know, the specific set of steps that your customer takes to get from total stranger to happy customer.  The “touchpoints” they make with your brand. How your selling strategy intersects with their buying cycles and blah blah blah. Or, […]

Don’t Even Think About Online Advertising Before You’ve Read THIS

  Online advertising has come a long, long way in recent years. Retargeted advertising means that you can hone in on precisely the customers you want to talk to, and ensure you don’t waste time and money on scattergunning inappropriate leads. A wealth of analytics tools means you can figure out exactly what works – […]