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Marketing Disasters

Are you sabotaging your own business with terrible marketing? If you haven’t updated your website in the last decade or posted to LinkedIn in recent memory – you may be! Too many geospatial businesses undervalue marketing, dismissing it as “fluff” or worse, “a waste.” But guess what? By not investing in quality marketing, you’re actually […]

Nail Your Marketing in 2024 and Make It Your Best Year Ever

Running a geospatial business of any kind isn’t meant to be easy, but it shouldn’t be terrible either. I see how many of you struggle, busting your balls for minimal profits, working all hours of the day, night, and weekends… It shouldn’t be this hard, guys. And it doesn’t have to be. Let’s make 2024 […]

Embracing Simplicity

Welcome to 2024, a year of uncomplicated elegance and pure delight. My word this year: “Simplicity” As we step into 2024, the mantra ‘Embracing Simplicity’ isn’t just a quaint notion; it’s a vital strategy for marketers everywhere who work for geospatial-based businesses. In a world brimming with complexity and constant change, we often find ourselves […]

Stop Busting Your Balls For Nothing. Make Your Geospatial Business More Profitable.

Recently, I met Fred. I like him; he’s chatty and frank. Unfortunately, he’s also struggling like a lot of surveyors.  Fred made over £1 million in revenue this year – with less than a 1% profit margin.  He’s burnt out and understandably frustrated. Can you imagine how many hours he’s invested to bring that million […]

Navigating Geospatial Marketing: Avoiding Common Disasters

When it comes to geospatial marketing, the errors and missteps are all too common. The precision that the field demands really should extend to your marketing strategies as well! And yet, we often see these epic geospatial marketing disasters. Pay attention and learn from others’ mistakes.  What? No Landing Page? Picture this: You’ve just launched […]

Influencer Marketing in Geospatial and Survey: Make it work for your business

Let’s look at decoding the mystery around influencer marketing. What is it? How does it work? Does it work in Geospatial? Do I really need it?  We’ll answer all those questions in this post, but let’s start with the last one. Yes, you need it. Or, at least, you should certainly be trying it! So, […]

YouTube – How to create content that keeps people hooked!

YouTube – How to create content that keeps people hooked! Success on YouTube doesn’t look the same as other channels. You’re not asking people to subscribe or like your videos, although of course they will when they love the content! The way to make YouTube work for you Geospatialer is to create content that your […]

Influencer Marketing for Geospatialers

JANUARY 2022 Welcome to my GOT BALLs, a monthly blurb by me, Elaine Ball – your Geospatial Marketer.  Giving you the best Geospatial Marketing Resources possible. If this news-letter was forwarded to you, you can subscribe here.  Happy 2023 – I bet it already feels like the Christmas holidays are a distant memory as the new year gets […]

Getting the most out of your Geospatial Exhibition

Here are 10 top tips for Geospatial Organisations  For Geospatial Sales folks! Pssst and Geospatial Marketers Exhibition booked, now you are excited to get stuck in, catch up with long lost acquaintances, meet new folks and attract potential NEW clients! Woohoo What are some of the things you should do before, during and AFTER the […]

What is the difference between sales and marketing?

The objective is to understand the difference between sales and marketing in order to grasp how working together will improve your sales revenue at a profit.    Audience: Owners of Survey Firms / Sales and Markeitng Managers of equipment sellers   Marketing and sales play a very important role within ANY business.  In a nutshell, they […]

Recruitment 101 for Surveyors in 2022

How to attract and recruit surveyors through your MARKETING! Supply & Demand Talent is a business priority for every business, not just within the Survey Profession. From start up survey firms to large companies and government organizations like HS2 (UK) looking to find over 400 Qualified Surveyors within the next 5 years!   Finding surveyors is […]

Content Marketing 101 for Geospatialers

Is content marketing a smart move for your geospatial business?  Content marketing can increase awareness, interest, and consideration from your company’s ideal customers or clients without breaking the bank. It’s also a great way to stand out from the competition and give your audience the information they need to confidently choose your business. Getting started […]


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