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Nail Your Marketing in 2024 and Make It Your Best Year Ever

Running a geospatial business of any kind isn’t meant to be easy, but it shouldn’t be terrible either. I see how many of you struggle, busting your balls for minimal profits, working all hours of the day, night, and weekends… It shouldn’t be this hard, guys. And it doesn’t have to be. Let’s make 2024 […]

Embracing Simplicity

Welcome to 2024, a year of uncomplicated elegance and pure delight. My word this year: “Simplicity” As we step into 2024, the mantra ‘Embracing Simplicity’ isn’t just a quaint notion; it’s a vital strategy for marketers everywhere who work for geospatial-based businesses. In a world brimming with complexity and constant change, we often find ourselves […]

Stop Busting Your Balls For Nothing. Make Your Geospatial Business More Profitable.

Recently, I met Fred. I like him; he’s chatty and frank. Unfortunately, he’s also struggling like a lot of surveyors.  Fred made over £1 million in revenue this year – with less than a 1% profit margin.  He’s burnt out and understandably frustrated. Can you imagine how many hours he’s invested to bring that million […]

Navigating Geospatial Marketing: Avoiding Common Disasters

When it comes to geospatial marketing, the errors and missteps are all too common. The precision that the field demands really should extend to your marketing strategies as well! And yet, we often see these epic geospatial marketing disasters. Pay attention and learn from others’ mistakes.  What? No Landing Page? Picture this: You’ve just launched […]

YouTube – How to create content that keeps people hooked!

YouTube – How to create content that keeps people hooked! Success on YouTube doesn’t look the same as other channels. You’re not asking people to subscribe or like your videos, although of course they will when they love the content! The way to make YouTube work for you Geospatialer is to create content that your […]

Should Surveyors Publish their Prices?

Synopsis  There is a fear if one publishes prices on their Survey Business website, it will be a race to the bottom.  Disaster will strike, you will lose your business, your livelihood and your bread and butter.  This is an article to highlight the very subject, dissect it and stick it back together.  I have […]

💀 “Don’t build your content house on rented land” 💀 Joe Pulizzi

Ironic ah! But it is as simple as that.     Here is why   💀Platforms like LinkedIn like you to stay on LI and are therefore tweaking and changing things so you stay put.  You used to export your contact list but that disappeared a few years ago now 💀 Remember Google +?  Google what?  […]

4 key lists you should be building for your Survey or Geo Equipment Business👇 and why!

1️⃣ Customer List – those who have purchased from you already. Goes without saying but this is your gold 🏆mine for further💰, references and depth. This person is worth so much to you! 2️⃣ Build your Sales Pipeline.  Those prospects who have signed up for a demo, a call or trial etc.  By building this […]

3 things you can do to improve your marketing as a Surveyor 👇

✅ Focus on a niche (a segment of the market). For example don’t just say we do “laser scanning” or “boundary surveys”, focus on the specific areas like “Engineering firms who outsource Surveying” or “River Surveyors” like Storm Geomatics Limited who specialise on a particular segment of the surveying market. The more focused you are, […]

I was skeptical about hiring a consultant! Read my story…..

Even I Elaine Ball was skeptical about hiring a consultant! “Anyone who promises to change your Geospatial business by taking your hard earned dosh is worthy of close attention, even if I say so myself” Elaine Ball I’m naturally open minded to most things but the older I get the more skeptical I become!?! Is […]

Go For A Goal + Miss It – BUT Keep Progressing Towards It!

Hey Friend, This morning I headed to the farm to feed my wooly beasts (if you’re new here…I promise you’ve not signed up to the wrong newsletter. Stick with me). When I’m not supporting surveyors and geospatial experts in marketing, I’m basically running Noah’s Ark (‘Ball’s Ark’ doesn’t quite have the same right to it, […]

NAIL your lead gen with email marketing 📩

NAIL your lead gen with email marketing 📩 When it comes to making your mark as a surveyor, your accuracy and dependability are your superpowers 🦸‍♂️ But many companies in the geo-spatial space struggle to effectively communicate their expertise, reliability and passion. Sure, there’s technical knowledge in abundance…but without the right marketing know-how, it won’t […]