Gold Nugget Series 2015 #001 Getting your marketing started in 2015

Gold Nugget Series 2015 #001 – Getting your marketing started in 2015 for Geospatial Companies

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1. Dig out the ‘where we are going document’ if you have one.  You need to know what direction you are traveling in!  Why? So you don’t waste valuable resource and money, chasing something that may not be there, or is very difficult/ unrealistic to achieve.

2. List 3 main marketing goals for 2015, lets go with:

  • Media Pack1. Improve sales leads through exposure of your brand via

Working with key Geospatial publications like GIM International, POB, Lidar News and Geoconnexion. What I mean by ‘working’ with; look at their ‘media packs’, what key features will they be talking about in the near future that your product or service will benefit?  Possibly some advertising; preferably online to help with search engine optimization.

GIM International have a great document to help you get the best out of your editorial content.  Click here

  • 2. Integration of key Marketing Communications (or MARCOMS) in order to ‘streamline’ your work and reduce ‘wastage’ of monies.  Use of an activity planner to help plan out the yearActivity Planner (email for a copy of the 2015 activity planner)
  • 3. Enter a new country ie. Africa
  • Research document to include PESTLE (forces you can not alter but need to know abut), SWOT, where you are strong, weak and what the opportunities and threats are wthin that market place.  Reducing your risk to entry.
  • What will work; marketing communications wise
  • Budget for the year?  You don’t want your money to run away with you.

3. How will your measure if the marketing spend is working or not? Start with ‘where we are now’ then go from there.  You need a foundation to begin with and measure the difference!  So, for example, are we achieving more sales leads and therefore sales with this type of marketing implementation?

  • Use of QR codes on adverts (track click through)
  • Number of unique visitors to your website? Up? Down? Same?
  • How long someone stays on your site? 2mins, 3mins, 5mins?
  • No of click through via LinkedIn? (click through?)
  • No of key contacts to visit, make contact with at key exhibitions?
  • Over a 6month period, how many of the click through have converted to inquiries? Have they gone up with the number of visitors?

For further information on Marketing ROI, see article by Daniel Newman here

Top Tip: 

Keep it simple, don’t over complicate your marketing communications document.  Use flip charts and wall planners to highlight key messages, things to do. 

Be creative!  If you dare; rock the boat!  See what happens

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