Technical Marketers EBTM invest in top SEO training for clients

Technical Marketers EBTM invest in top SEO training for clients

How do I improve SEO?

EBTM have embarked on an intense training course with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant in London, UK. The training involves several ‘hands on’ workshops and detailed weekly Skype conversations in order to give the EBTM team the skills and therefore provide the best advice to their clients within the Geospatial, Offshore and Mining Sectors globally.

SEO is such an important aspect of making websites easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. The intensive training involves several in depth areas including usability of the website, key words and phrases, the importance of links and the effect they have on your site. Good and bad.

Social Media

Elaine Ball, CEO of EBTM explains “Websites are an extremely critical part of a companies marketing mix. However, many businesses don’t understand the value in them. The Internet is set to grow by 600% by 2020, how are you going to be heard/ seen? This fast paced environment is going to have huge effects on companies in the future, we wanted to be sure we know the latest advice so our clients are getting the very best service from us.”

EBTM invest heavily in their own skills and training, in order to pass the best onto their clients.

About EBTM
Elaine Ball Technical Marketing (EBTM) Ltd is a professional and devoted International Technical Marketing Consultancy, specialising in helping B2B companies grow and become profitable through focused strategic marketing, business development, marketing planning and marketing implementation.

With over 30 years collective experience, EBTM expertise’s lie within the Geospatial, Laser Scanning, Survey, Mobile Mapping, Oil & Gas, Offshore, DP, Dynamic Positioning, UAV, Mining and Quarry sectors.