3 things you can do to improve your marketing as a Surveyor 👇

✅ Focus on a niche (a segment of the market). For example don’t just say we do “laser scanning” or “boundary surveys”, focus on the specific areas like “Engineering firms who outsource Surveying” or “River Surveyors” like Storm Geomatics Limited who specialise on a particular segment of the surveying market. The more focused you are, the more targeted your marketing can be therefore the more likely you will attract the right kind of customer (= more profit!)

✅ Prospect every single day.  Go out and make sure you are finding 10 new potential companies/ people who could be a client. This will build.  It doesn’t take long “30mins daily” but keep it going!

✅ Build relationships with yoru target audience even if some will never buy, they have friends.  Marketing is all about relationships – it is the best form of marketing.