Go For A Goal + Miss It – BUT Keep Progressing Towards It!

Hey Friend,

This morning I headed to the farm to feed my wooly beasts (if you’re new here…I promise you’ve not signed up to the wrong newsletter. Stick with me).

When I’m not supporting surveyors and geospatial experts in marketing, I’m basically running Noah’s Ark (‘Ball’s Ark’ doesn’t quite have the same right to it, does it). I’ve got herdwick sheep, two chickens, two horses, two sheepdogs, two cats, and a tup named Lancelot. Oh, and the odd rat or two.

Today, I hopped on my 3½ year old filly horse, Maggie, to start a 30-minute training session with my amazeballs trainer, Carly.

Here’s the thing about young horses…they’ve got a fair bit of buck in them. You’ve got to be made of sterner stuff to clamber on top and brave the possibility of being booted off.

We began the session, bucking and all, and it was great.

To get this young filly anywhere decent, it’s taken me 3 years, a ton of training, a trip to A&E 🥺, a lot of falling down, and a few teeth marks.

Three factors were key.

  • ✅ Perseverance (aka having the balls)
  • ✅ Dedication
  • ✅ Goals

Getting Maggie to this point felt like an impossible goal, once upon a time. But we got there with baby steps. Firstly, groundwork and handling to desensitise her. Next, a backing procedure. Now, we continue to desensitise her with routines and training.

So, let my journey with Maggie give you some food for thought about your own ability to persevere and achieve your goals.

  • ✔️ Set yourself a BIG goal for 2022.
  • ✔️ Dedicate every day to progressing towards that goal.
  • ✔️ Persevere with it; have the balls

Note down the little milestones and ‘success markers’ that are moving you forwards.

Big goals are frightening 😱. To achieve them, you have to break them down.  Otherwise, you’ll end up missing them completely… overwhelmed and overdone!

But when it feels insurmountable and you’re tempted to give up, ask yourself this:  “It’s OK to miss that goal but am I still making progress?”

“Go for a goal + miss it – BUT keep progressing towards it!” Elaine Ball

Falling down is inevitable – but getting back up again is what counts.

I’ll leave you with that thought.

Take care for now. Next stop: GEO Business 🇬🇧 on 25th November – see you there?


PS: What is your big goal for 2022?  Would love to hear?