💀 “Don’t build your content house on rented land” 💀 Joe Pulizzi

Ironic ah! But it is as simple as that.  


Here is why


💀Platforms like LinkedIn like you to stay on LI and are therefore tweaking and changing things so you stay put.  You used to export your contact list but that disappeared a few years ago now

💀 Remember Google +?  Google what?  Precisely 

💀 Remember Facebook crashed on 4th October 2021… and it brought down WhatsApp, Insgaram and other related FB owned sites.  How many small businesses would have suffered?  Yikes!


Ok ok… now i don’t mean to put a dampener on LinkedIn as I love it but your number one focus must be to build your own platform.  But what do i mean by that?


This is what to do:


✨ Build your email list, thats right.  The number one thing to do is to build that list… hark… “but i don’t know what to talk about” – NO EXCUSE… more on content later. 

✨ Build your connections on LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube but Invite them with a capital I, to your platform.  Building a great network with great relationships is great!  Three greats there… but get them signed up to your platform 


When they are with you, they are much more secure, you can save your lists, and when the 💩 hits the fan, you are not left high and dry! 


Next week 23rd March I will be giving a LIVE webinar on how to increase sales quickly by enhancing enquiry quality.  I will also be sharing with you the biggest mistakes Geospaital Businesses are making when it comes to winning clients.  Three things the successful organisations have theat the struggles do not then i’m going to leave you with some proven tips you can take away right now to get you moving in the right direction towards increases sales quickly by enhancing enquiry quanltiy.