YouTube – How to create content that keeps people hooked!

YouTube – How to create content that keeps people hooked!

  • Success on YouTube doesn’t look the same as other channels. You’re not asking people to subscribe or like your videos, although of course they will when they love the content!
  • The way to make YouTube work for you Geospatialer is to create content that your audience wants to watch, and by watch I mean get right to the end of a video and not just switch off halfway through.
  • This little signal tells YouTube that they might like to see more content like this and it will share related videos to that person.  For example, a video describing a topic in surveying from you can then be followed up with further content from you talking about the details of another topic in the survey industry. 
  • YouTube wants to keep users on its platform so creating content that keeps viewers hooked is the key!

YouTube checklist:

✅ Content, content, content – create what your audience wants to watch and they will watch it to the very end

✅ Have a scroll stopping thumbnail – it’s the first thing your audience sees so it needs to be bright and bold enough to make someone stop the scroll

✅ Have an eye catching title (see Rami’s below) – make your audience want to click the title and view your content to find out more from you

Ball’s Golden Nugget; Your video attracts your people

  • Getting attention like views, subscribers or comments across your content feels good, but these are just vanity metrics and don’t mean anything if they’re not your target audience and aren’t going to buy from you!

I say this all the time in the Geospatial Marketing Academy, to get attention from the right people (those important leads and potential clients) you need to be speaking to the right audience.  Learn more by watching this