4 key lists you should be building for your Survey or Geo Equipment Business👇 and why!

1️⃣ Customer List – those who have purchased from you already. Goes without saying but this is your gold 🏆mine for further💰, references and depth. This person is worth so much to you!

2️⃣ Build your Sales Pipeline.  Those prospects who have signed up for a demo, a call or trial etc.  By building this list, you build your customer list. The more full this pipeline is, the more volume of sales and💰comes out.

3️⃣ Build that email list, through funnels, posts and even advertisements.  This then feeds your sales pipeline.

4️⃣ Build PERSONAL connections on LinkedIn, Instagram and even Facebook which grows your network. Interact and talk to your connections, build a relationship. ⚠️ Remember your network feeds the pipeline.

Don’t just grow the size of your lists, DEEPEN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS EVERY DAY!

Strategy 1:  Every single day you should be bonding with your network via posting content, which keeps your brand ‘top of mind’

Strategy 2: Every single day you should be liking, commenting and messaging your network to boost the algorithms and putting your brand (name) in front of your network

To find out more join us on 23rd March https://www.elaineball.co.uk/free-webinar/ on how to increase sales quickly by enhancing 👉enquiry quality👈!

Folks who are great at this in our Industry are Charlie Whyman, Paul Burrows and Christiane Zhao 💗

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