Embracing Simplicity

Welcome to 2024, a year of uncomplicated elegance and pure delight.

My word this year: “Simplicity

As we step into 2024, the mantra ‘Embracing Simplicity’ isn’t just a quaint notion; it’s a vital strategy for marketers everywhere who work for geospatial-based businesses.

In a world brimming with complexity and constant change, we often find ourselves caught in a whirlwind of sophisticated tactics and tools. 

However, this pursuit of complexity can lead us to lose sight of what truly matters: Connecting with our audience in a meaningful and effective way.

I know I have —  and this is why ‘Simplicity’ is on my mind for 2024.

The essence of simplifying our marketing lies in stripping away the unnecessary and focusing on the core elements that drive real results. This thought-provoking journey invites us to reconsider our approach and ask ourselves what can be minimised, automated, or eliminated. By doing so, we uncover the purest form of our marketing message, one that resonates more deeply with our audience.

Simplifying doesn’t mean being simplistic; it’s about: 

  • Being more strategic with our choices;
  • Setting clear goals, understanding our audience profoundly, and crafting messages that cut through the NOISE;
  • Valuing quality over quantity, ensuring every piece of content, every campaign, and every interaction counts.

In the intricate world of surveying, where precision and accuracy are paramount, the idea of ’embracing simplicity’ in marketing might seem counterintuitive at first glance.

Surveyors, by nature, deal with complex measurements and data to provide critical information for construction, planning, and design. So it’s not surprising that the marketing side of surveying often gets bogged down in technical jargon and complex campaigns that can alienate potential clients rather than draw them in. This is where the power of simplicity can transform our approach.

My message aims to navigate the landscape of marketing within the surveying profession, demonstrating how a simplified strategy can enhance engagement, increase understanding, and ultimately drive business growth. 

Here’s how we can apply the simplicity mantra:

  1. Clarify Your Message: Start by breaking down your services into clear, easily understandable concepts. Remember, not everyone speaks the technical language of surveying. Members of your target audience may not even realise they have a problem that you can solve!  Use simple terms and focus on the benefits your services provide to clients, such as accuracy, time-saving, or cost-efficiency.
  2. Focus on Core Services: Surveyors offer a wide range of services, but trying to promote all of them at once can overwhelm your audience. Identify your most in-demand services (or those with the highest profit margin) and centre your marketing around these areas. This focus makes your marketing more straightforward and impactful.
  3. Streamline Your Marketing Channels: Are you spreading yourself too thin across multiple platforms? Analyse where your audience spends their time and focus your efforts there. Whether it’s industry magazines, LinkedIn, or local business networks, choose platforms that offer the best return on investment.
  4. Automate and Delegate: Utilise tools that can automate repetitive tasks and consider outsourcing aspects of your marketing. This approach frees up your time to engage more

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