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Show Advertisements VS Own Marketing Techniques

Show advertisements vs own marketing? Nearly all trade shows offer their own marketing (and therefore advertising) services as it is a great way to automatically gain the eyes of the attendees! However, this comes at quite a hefty cost.  We at Elaine Ball Ltd are here to discuss other methods which might involve a bit […]

10 Things to Check Before you go to a trade show!

10 Things to Check Before you go (to a Trade Show) Are you exhibiting for the first time or need a refresher of the go-to preparation checks? Well you’ve come to the right place! Our team have been to plenty of shows over the past year so have compiled a list of the most important […]

Getting the most out of your Geospatial Exhibition

Here are 10 top tips for Geospatial Organisations  For Geospatial Sales folks! Pssst and Geospatial Marketers Exhibition booked, now you are excited to get stuck in, catch up with long lost acquaintances, meet new folks and attract potential NEW clients! Woohoo What are some of the things you should do before, during and AFTER the […]

What is The Geospatial Marketing Academy (GMA)?

  What is The Geospatial Marketing Academy (GMA)?  How does it work? So you are intrigued to know a little more about GMA? To understand what The Geospatial Marketing Academy (GMA) actually is, how it works and how we support you through your journey to increase sales quickly by enhancing enquiry quality. Documented within this […]

3 things you can do to improve your marketing as a Surveyor 👇

✅ Focus on a niche (a segment of the market). For example don’t just say we do “laser scanning” or “boundary surveys”, focus on the specific areas like “Engineering firms who outsource Surveying” or “River Surveyors” like Storm Geomatics Limited who specialise on a particular segment of the surveying market. The more focused you are, […]

I was skeptical about hiring a consultant! Read my story…..

Even I Elaine Ball was skeptical about hiring a consultant! “Anyone who promises to change your Geospatial business by taking your hard earned dosh is worthy of close attention, even if I say so myself” Elaine Ball I’m naturally open minded to most things but the older I get the more skeptical I become!?! Is […]

Content Marketing 101 for Geospatialers

Is content marketing a smart move for your geospatial business?  Content marketing can increase awareness, interest, and consideration from your company’s ideal customers or clients without breaking the bank. It’s also a great way to stand out from the competition and give your audience the information they need to confidently choose your business. Getting started […]

Go For A Goal + Miss It – BUT Keep Progressing Towards It!

Hey Friend, This morning I headed to the farm to feed my wooly beasts (if you’re new here…I promise you’ve not signed up to the wrong newsletter. Stick with me). When I’m not supporting surveyors and geospatial experts in marketing, I’m basically running Noah’s Ark (‘Ball’s Ark’ doesn’t quite have the same right to it, […]

What Content When Framework

WHAT CONTENT WHEN FRAMEWORK- for Geospatialers Knowing what type of content to produce as a Survey Business or Geospatial Technology firm can be a real ball ache, but DON’T FRET Geospatialers because this ball has it covered ✅ Below 👇 I have shared some wicked-content-examples and showcased the types of questions you could answer.  The […]

If THESE 4️⃣ Surveyors Walked Into A Bar…

If an Innovator, Disrupter, Landman and Under-Dog walked into a bar… what would you get? Well, Geospatialers, you’d get some of the most exciting and forward-thinking surveyors & businesses in the online space right now! ⬇️ Take a look at 4 businesses we LOVE to follow…   The Innovator Microdrones (@microdrones_uas) are a BIG company […]

Would YOU Read Your Emails?

If you sent your emails out to YOU – would you read them?    (hint: if you don’t immediately answer YES… your emails are not good enough, and you need to read this email!)    Look, I’ll spare you the fluff.   Here are FIVE ⭐ incredibly ⭐ easy hacks that level up your email […]

50 Inspiring Marketing Tips from Geospatial Rockstars

What do people really think about geospatial marketing?  Let’s find out! (Updated 27th March 2021) But more importantly, why do they care about it?     It’s a total no-brainer for me. I totally live and breath marketing and geospatial (and totally unrelatedly, horses). But with a Dad whose passion is geospatial and innovation, you […]