Getting the most out of your Geospatial Exhibition

Here are 10 top tips for Geospatial Organisations 

For Geospatial Sales folks! Pssst and Geospatial Marketers

Exhibition booked, now you are excited to get stuck in, catch up with long lost acquaintances, meet new folks and attract potential NEW clients! Woohoo

What are some of the things you should do before, during and AFTER the exhibition to boost your ROI (return on investment)?  In other words, get back that investment you have handed-over to the show organizations!  At least twice if not many times over! 

Here are my top 10 tips for better more successful ROI on your Geospatial Exhibition:


1. Prospecting

Before you even set foot at the Exhibition – construct a list of potential buyers who might be attending or you can invite to your stand at the show.  Use LinkedIn to canvas the market, choose your ideal candidate and invite them as a connection?  

👈 REMEMBER to Personalise your invite!

Build that list and AWARENESS.  You wouldn’t open a shop and not tell anyone you were there would you?  So don’t do it with an exhibition.






2. Launch a campaign and tie it together.  

A campaign is an organised course of action to promote or sell something.  It’s used in conjunction with your current marketing efforts. Use some of your marketing on the exhibition itself to build awareness.  For example; the goal is to invite 100 people to the exhibition.  Using LinkedIn, roll out a 10 tips for 10 days leading up to the show – build your LI  followers and build your awareness you are attending! 

Recommendation:  Start 3 months before BUT realistically it’s more like 4 weeks

Have a landing page folks can visit to see what you will be showcasing or use LinkedIn’s latest feature ‘Newsletter’ and showcase what you’ll be showing. Direct message your prospects, build social media presence and contact directly. 




3. Direct message YOUR people!

Send out a message or two to your database via email or LinkedIn inviting them.  Making them aware that you are attending! It not only sparks conversation but it boosts your chances they will visit.   


4. Set up an easy way to collect leads.  

Especially if you are a larger organisation!  I’ve spoken to many Geospatial Marketers and they can’t track leads from shows because ‘the sales people don’t put them into the database” 

TopoDOT use an iPads with forms on that are  linked direct to salesforce.  No more messing about with cards.

 Simple things to fill in like name, company, time frame to purchase, would like a demo? Met at [tick] exhibition, linkedin [tick] and email address.  

If you don’t have a database; have a form that is simple to fill in and staple their card to the form.  This however is SLOW and will cost you time!  Plus you may miss things out! So be warned! 


5. Network baby.  

Go on the prowl, say hello to people, get chatting – don’t stand like a lemon on your stand – talk to those opposite you!  There is nothing worse than seeing someone sat on their ass tapping away at their computer.  You would find it rude if you walked into a shop!  So don’t do it at a show! 


6. Have a Call To Action (CTA)

Sounds basic right? But have a commonly known call to action whilst you are there to gain leads. What is that criteria? Be specific and get the correct people who want to buy your product.


7. Go WILD with your stand!  

It works like a treat!  I work for Point Cloud Processing Company TopoDOT.  Now point clouds are …. Lets face it B O R I N G?  (well to the majority anyways) so inject some craziness into your exhibition stand itself! For TopoDOT apart from wild graphics that showcase a pretty boring mundane subject, we also have a live show of the software – showcasing point cloud processing and how to feature extract.  This not only attracts visitors, it builds an audience.


8. Be clear what you are offering people!

This is pre-show and during… WHY should people take the time out to come to your stand? In fact tell them why they should PRIORITISE visiting you. This could be the launch of a new product, the chance to speak about special time restricted offers, etc


9. Branded clothing/uniform.

Make it clear who you are. Wear your badge and colours with pride, wonder around and intrigue the other conference goers. The more exposure you give yourself the more people will start to identify you in a crowded room!



That’s right, get out there, stand up on some of the stages to join panel discussions etc. The more your voice is heard the more your name is heard, which has major repercussions for your brand (positively)! 

Discussions are great and often not too formalised, which is an easier way to get used to public speaking. If you are confident then by all means go and present that super presentation of yours…


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