Would YOU Read Your Emails?

If you sent your emails out to YOU – would you read them? 


(hint: if you don’t immediately answer YES… your emails are not good enough, and you need to read this email!) 


Look, I’ll spare you the fluff.


Here are FIVE ⭐ incredibly ⭐ easy hacks that level up your email campaign, stat.


  1. Get BALLSY with your subject lines. 

Don’t put people to sleep or let them automatically hit the trashcan icon with another “how to… blah blah blah” subject line… Get creative.


Because guess what!? Boring subject lines lead to a subpar open rate, and you may actually be wasting your time writing the content for your emails when barely anybody is reading them.


Our advice… use short, snappy sentences that pique curiosity BUT are also relevant to the email itself. (No clickbait marketing tactics here, << Test First Name >>!)


  1. Do NOT Waffle. 

You may have many great ideas and want to share them, but your emails need to be concise and to the point. Waffling leads to wandering 👀, and your audience will quickly move onto their next task.


Tip – cut the copy! Run your text through Hemingway Editor for a quick analysis of how ‘wordy’ your email is.


  1. Format with these guys ➡️💡🎯🧐

Emojis aren’t for kids… they can help to format text and emphasise points.


Think about it – a lot of people skim read. If you have arrow emojis next to the key sections of your email, they’re likely to at least read them sentences! Use them wisely 😉


  1. Have ONE CTA (call-to-action) per email

Directing people to book a call, read your blog, and download a brochure in ONE email is just going to confuse your subscribers. Plus, if you’re cramming all your messaging into one email, this hack will help you write many more emails… you’re welcome!


  1. Analyse your click-through rates (CTR)

One of the main ways to analyse your email performance is to monitor your click-through rates. If you’re getting a high click-through rate, your email is desirable and serves its purpose (it also leads to more sales!).


[FACT] The average click-through rate for our industry is 3.5% (2021 Global Email Benchmarks data), and one of our client’s CTR is hitting a mega 12%!


☝🏻 Want a piece of that? 


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Your Geospatial Marketer, Elaine 🧡