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6 Ways to Avoid Turning Your Visitors Off You!

  Okay, in the next ten minutes I’m going to give you some amazing tips for producing content that your audience really, really want… and how to market that content without turning them off in the process. But just before I do that, I’m going to tell you a little bit about what I learned […]

How Do I Increase Sales By $200k

  Marketers: Here’s How to Stop Looking Desperate (and Start Getting People to Show Up) Ever get that sense of dread before a party? The sinking feeling that no one will actually turn up? Sure, you scattergunned all your Facebook friends. You’ve been texting the most popular people for the past week. But all you’ve […]

Improving sales leads

How to improve sales leads Short video from Elaine on how to improve sales leads.  Selling total stations?  Visualisation software?  Survey service?  Laser Scanners?  Stuff for the Geospatial Industry?  Watch this series by our founder and CEO Elaine Ball on how to improve sales.   [ctt template=”4″ link=”S63qr” via=”yes” ]To improve sales leads; 1st focus on […]

Part 4  – How do I convert visitors to sales leads?

  This is Part 4  – How do I convert visitors to sales leads? A step by step approach to converting visitors to money!   Part 1 – How do I get more sales leads from my website Part 2 – How does Social Media work in getting sales leads? Part 3 – What is content […]

Part 2 How does social media work in getting sales leads?

  This is Part 2 of Lead Generation | how does social media work in getting sales leads? Click here for part 1 – How do I get more sales leads from my website?   Ok dudes and dudets, you can’t just launch your website and hope people will find you! You can’t just rely on […]

Need advice on your Geospatial Marketing?

  Need advice on your Geospatial Marketing? Want to discuss some of your issues or how to do something specific? Just need to review what you are doing in your Marketing? EBTM’s latest package is focused to ‘get you going’ and give you support without any commitment of retainers.  If you have people in house but need some […]

Fly high with a UAV?  Should I invest?

  Fly high with a UAV? Should I invest in a UAV?   At University I learnt about ‘Porters 5 Forces’, we have all been there and bought the management t-shirt! Blah blah blah My eyes glaze over! However……..   reading Valerie King’s latest news piece on UAVs in geodatapoint (February 2016) the subject is […]

Lets blow up ISIS with a mobile mapper!

Can you imagine shouting about something controversial in the Survey Community to get the attention of your target audience? Rachel Barnes, editor of Marketing talks about “Is fear of offending stifling your creativity?” Click here to read her article.   So, the question is, could you use this technique to get your name out there? […]

LinkedIn Home Page – Geospatial

LinkedIn Home Page – Geospatial (Part 1) and LinkedIn Profile Page (Part 2) I get asked all the time about quick and easy tips on using all types of Social Media Tools for the Geospatial Industry Globally.  So, I’m putting ‘sound-to-video’ and creating through Camtasia (My fabo new application! Whoop!) a series of clips dedicated […]

Shooting Videos for clients – the pro’s and the con’s

Shooting Videos Organisation is key Sitting in Craiglash quarry, in the highlands of Scotland in a pimped up high viz van watching our video crew setting up for a shoot is somewhat inspiring.  The weather, can you believe it, is actually sunny with virtually no wind!  Perfect weather to showcase the new mobile mapping system […]

Finding your way to the future

Finding your way to the future.  by Elaine Ball How do you plan for the future? How does a company within the Geospatial sector plan ahead? How do you successfully find your way to the future? If you’re in product sales, do you switch strategies into service (as in ‘doing’ the job); if you’re a […]

Challenging the way you do things, its all about change.

By elaine ball, ceo, ebtm Challenging the way you do things, its all about change. Change is hard.  Business is becoming more and more challenging.  Company directors have to think differently in order to grow their businesses.  This is no exception to marketing and what I mean by marketing is the way you ‘market’ yourself.  […]