Lets blow up ISIS with a mobile mapper!

Can you imagine shouting about something controversial in the Survey Community to get the attention of your target audience?


Rachel Barnes, editor of Marketing talks about “Is fear of offending stifling your creativity?” Click here to read her article.


So, the question is, could you use this technique to get your name out there? Get seen or heard or are you afraid of the back lash? Or the reversal affect of what it could do to you and your business?


While I’m all for doing things differently, I doubt the survey community would have the balls to try, or would they? Has anyone tried?


Let me give you an example, imagine this…. A mobile mapper that picks out ISIS bombers and blows them up! Mmmmm a little scary to write! Now imagine this as an image! I’m now sounding like a journalist off ‘private eye’! Eek!


What am I getting at here? I see many companies; from surveyors to manufactures to resellers of survey equipment. I see what’s working in companies and what isn’t.


There is a pattern forming in the Geospatial community and its global, not just in one location. Getting you to actually be slightly creative in your marketing communications is like getting a dog to talk! So getting you thinking controversially is more like raising the dead!


My point, could us geospatial folk actually be disturbing or imaginative to get our brand to stand out? Who is daring enough to do so?


Funny enough I wrote about good old Dougy back in November where he talked about generating content that stands out! Maybe being controversial isn’t so bad.