LinkedIn Home Page – Geospatial

LinkedIn Home Page – Geospatial (Part 1) and LinkedIn Profile Page (Part 2)

I get asked all the time about quick and easy tips on using all types of Social Media Tools for the Geospatial Industry Globally.  So, I’m putting ‘sound-to-video’ and creating through Camtasia (My fabo new application! Whoop!) a series of clips dedicated to the Geospatial Industry Globally.

The tips, tricks and comments are to make life easier.  My goal however, is to help you sell more without the added burden of reading, digesting, and spending hours trying to understand specific applications such as LinkedIn.  The clips last no longer than a few minutes but give you little tips on how to do things in LinkedIn.  Over the next month, I will post several clips related to LinkedIn including:

  1. How to make your profile look a million dollars and WHY its important to attract potential clients
  2. How to ‘tag’ people so you have specific market segments and can focus links and content towards these segments
  3. How to use groups and help develop a stronger pipeline of content

I welcome tons of cool comments and questions, so please feel free to ask away!

If there is anything specific you wish to know, please let me know

All the best and ‘here’s’ to an easy life! 😉