Part 4 – How do I convert visitors to sales leads?


This is Part 4  – How do I convert visitors to sales leads?

A step by step approach to converting visitors to money!


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Part 2 – How does Social Media work in getting sales leads?

Part 3 – What is content and why is content important for lead generation?


Well spring chickens this is the ultimate question!! “How do I convert visitors to sales leads?”HiRes


I’m chucking this in here now, even though I’m not done with ‘content marketing’ – the subject of content marketing is huge and you need to carefully work your way through it, in order to get all the bits and pieces right! So my reasoning for posting about converting visitors to sales leads is; I’ve had some questions about ‘conversion’ of visitors to sales (or sessions as they are known on Google Analytics) so I’m jumping ahead slightly. So make sure you continue reading the ‘content’ stuff as this is what will help you get your sales leads in the first place!!


Ok, so you have managed to attract lots of juicy visitors to your website through great ‘electrifying’ content.  (I will write a blog about electrifying content shortly!)

  1. Your visitors are hooked on what you write and await for the next piece of content to keep the fuel in their belly’s! You know this because….
  2. Your visitor numbers are up month on month, which you have been monitoring! Note my note on ‘monitoring’ people!   You have seen steady progress in the numbers from 100 per month to 150 to 450 to 1000 so on…..
  3. Time on your website has also shifted from 1minute 5secs to over 4mintures indicating people are reading your stuff!
  4. You know which pages are getting monitored and which are most popular



BONUS! So, are you converting these visitors (sessions in Google Analytics)? My guess is “sort of”, “maybe” or “don’t know!”.


My next question is; do you have Call-to-Action buttons on your pages? Like this:  See our Superheroes Campaign NOW (10)



Call-to-Action (CTA) is ‘something’ that tells ‘someone’ to do something!


A link on your website to drive people to become ‘leads’. It’s the carrot on the stick! Something that entices your audience to ‘take’ (note ‘take’) ACTION. A critical step in converting visitors (sessions in Google Analytics) to sales! You have to take them to the next stage!


A CTA can be as follows:

  • Call Elaine today on +447825517850
  • Download our exclusive ebook on gaining more sales leads now
  • Start our free trial
  • Get a free consultation
  • Join our webinar on 14th April 2016 at 2pm GMT
  • Sign up for our newsletter


Taking action, what it means

People come to your site for several reasons


  1. To noisy at what you are doing (these could be your competition, your friends and that noisy neighbour)
  2. To educate themselves on the latest product or how to do something better! So you need to be talking about their problems here, not trying to tell them the latest bells and whistles!
  3. To enquire about your services/ products


Your website is one part of your marketing mix or marketing tool kit (that’s better, “tool kit”), its an amazing brand awareness / SEO (Search engine optimization) tool! Social Media is the dudes that help ‘spread’ the word. The more interaction, the more your name gets sent around the web! See my post on Social Media.


So, my advice with the website.


Have a range of different CTAs in order to work on different parts of the buying cycle! New people will be after information, repeat visitors (sessions in Google Analytics) will be more interested in noising or are longer down the buying cycle.


Use the website as a mechanism to help keep your sales pipeline filled up! You will have groups of ‘different’ customers with ‘different’ needs and who will buy at different times. For example, most of our retainers take up to 12 months to convert. People want to be educated in what we do, think about it, maybe read and lean some more etc etc. You can speed up this process by listening to the ‘needs’ and offering different ‘less risky’ alternatives like our 2hr consultancy, were people can ask us as much as they like on a specific subject or review a niggling problem. No risk, one off payment, easy peasy! You have to test different ideas to see if they will work for you or not.


So, getting back to conversation.


After you have managed to

  • Sign up someone for a webinar
  • Attend a seminar
  • Download an ebook
  • Call Elaine for further information


This takes you to the traditional face to face (B2B) or people to people part of the buying process. This part is what your sales dudes are used to!


So, let me know if you have a specific question and I can drop it into a blog post. Happy visitor conversation people


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