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Need advice on your Geospatial Marketing?

  Need advice on your Geospatial Marketing? Want to discuss some of your issues or how to do something specific? Just need to review what you are doing in your Marketing? EBTM’s latest package is focused to ‘get you going’ and give you support without any commitment of retainers.  If you have people in house but need some […]

Lets blow up ISIS with a mobile mapper!

Can you imagine shouting about something controversial in the Survey Community to get the attention of your target audience? Rachel Barnes, editor of Marketing talks about “Is fear of offending stifling your creativity?” Click here to read her article.   So, the question is, could you use this technique to get your name out there? […]

LinkedIn Home Page – Geospatial

LinkedIn Home Page – Geospatial (Part 1) and LinkedIn Profile Page (Part 2) I get asked all the time about quick and easy tips on using all types of Social Media Tools for the Geospatial Industry Globally.  So, I’m putting ‘sound-to-video’ and creating through Camtasia (My fabo new application! Whoop!) a series of clips dedicated […]

Are you missing your mojo?

Why Industrial Marketers must put some spice into their content!   Ok Doug Kessler, I’m doing this for you! And I’ve stolen your fun ideas! 😉   What do turtles, a bunch of B2B marketers and mojo’s have in common? A conference all about serving the customer and it is not just any customer, it […]

How to measure which Geospatial Publication is getting YOU noticed!

How to measure which publication is getting YOU noticed!  Creating a Geospatial knowledge Hub. Opening and retuning from Intergeo 2014 Just returned from Intergeo 2014, what a great show!  Some very interesting things going on esp the new RiCopter from Riegl.  What was interesting compared to a couple of years ago is everyone and their […]

Growing a brand in Africa? How easy?

By Elaine Ball, CEO of EBTM Growing a brand in Africa? How easy? Building up a brand within a foreign country can be extremely difficult for any business from a different country. Building a brand generally is hard work. Below are 6 tops tips to share when building your brand in Africa: 1. Find a […]

Business leaders of tomorrow don’t know a world without mobile

by Elaine Ball The old PC will be non-existent by 2020 as more and more technical savvy kids adopt the mobile way.  Just think about this:  the next ‘generation social natives’ don’t know a world without the Internet!  They don’t know a world without a mobile phone! “think about it”  Google have announced that mobile […]

I am a survey company, why do I need Facebook?

By Elaine Ball The survey industry is transforming yet again with the hype about drones or should I say UAVs.  Michael Maes of @Trimble Survey (a survey company) commented, “drones are a dirty word”.  He prefers the term UAS (unmanned aerial system). So, what’s the connection with “I am a survey company, why do I need Facebook?” […]

Surveying from the air by remote control vs marketing in a different light

Surveying from the air by remote control vs marketing in a different light   By Elaine Ball, CEO of Elaine Ball Technical Marketing (EBTM) Ltd The latest buz around the surveying industry is drones (UAV or Unmanned aerial vehicles).  What does that mean?  Well, flying machines, which scan the ground from the sky by remote […]

Too many social whats?  I can’t do them all, its too much!

Do you tweet? Do you Blog? Do you Facebook? Do you Pinterest?….. I can hear you saying; STOP!! Its too much!  “too many things and what’s the point?”  I agree there are too many.  Lucky for you I love to find the latest platforms and test them out for myself!  Below is a very short […]