Part 1 How do I get more Sales Leads from my website?


Part 1 How do I get more sales leads from my website?

How to generate more visitors, which should lead to sales leads……


Ok Geospatial Marketers, let’s take a step back! First things first, what are you currently doing that brings in sales leads now (that works?) and what doesn’t work for you?

This is usually my first question. Most geospatial marketing departments don’t actually measure anything, they guess! They carry on as they have always done. I’ll let you into a little secret, most companies don’t measure (so you are not alone my friend J and a major issue when it comes to cutting back, as Marketing is usually the first to be axed if times are hard! So, shame on the marketing people for not measuring even the basics.

Ok, getting back to lead generation. So it’s a complicated subject, so let me make it simple: Simple is my friend!


This is Part 1 of Lead Generation | the beginning | an overview


The beginning

The marketing subject is vast and incorporates lots of things. Lead generation is not actually done on its own; it’s a combination of multiple things all integrated to send out messages to the ‘target’ audience. So, lets take this one step at a time.

Firstly write out what works for you and what doesn’t. This is important to actually SEE “visually” where you might be going wrong and what you need to change.



What works What doesn’t work
Sales dudes following up on leads from our website We don’t get enough leads from our website
Sales follow up after a show We have no ‘consistent’ plan for our sales team at shows. So its add-hoc and could be better!
Promotions with huge discount L Which we are not happy to do as it eats into profits Social Media at the moment, its more hassle and time than its worth
Direct Mail campaigns are pulling in 12% leads (not sure if this is good or bad?) Our database need cleaning up
Our brand is consistent so people recognise us in logo, people, how we do business (relationships) we think! We miss out on all those other leads who don’t know who we are or where to find us! How do we find them?
Relationships but they take years to develop and build trust Keeping our pipeline filled up with new people who are profitable. How?


When you have listed what works and what doesn’t work in your Geospatial Marketing, start at the top. Keep it simple, there is no rule of thumb except simplicity. If its more than that, you won’t do it!


Meet Isabel, a slim, gorgeous land & building surveyor who runs a team of 10 surveyors. The company is growing and her task is to increase sales leads through her website.


Isabel’s Pain Points are:

  • Traffic is currently low (You can find out through Google Analytics)
  • Time on website is poor (not much time to read what they are doing)
  • Sales leads are 1 per week from website


So, Isabel wants more sales leads from her website. She also wants quality sales leads!


Firstly, some questions to answer:

Is your website mobile friendly? Lets get this out the way! ‘One’ many miss!! If it isn’t mobile friendly, Google will punish you. Click here and read this for further info: . If you don’t know, do a test by clicking here

If the website isn’t mobile friendly, this is your starting point as you will be missing out on hundreds if not thousands of searches. Just think how you search at the moment, from your mobile device!

Is your website appealing to your customers? Is it nice on the eye? It does matter!

Is the content of interest?

So, our friend Isabel has some metrics she would like to share with you.

  • Visitors to her website are 150 per month
  • Visitors to her website are staying on there for 1minute 5secs

You may think this is good however it ‘depends’

  1. Traffic flow is low, but is it quality? From the sales leads I would guess not
  2. The time on site isn’t enough for the visitor to ‘read’ the content then take action meaning she is not capturing the leads!

So something has to be done about this.

One of EBTM’s customers NEI in Louisiana, USA focuses its content on specific problems and categorises the problems by product or application. Every question a sales person or service engineer receives at NEI gets turned into a blog post. Thus increasing the content on ‘their’ website plus helping ‘searchers’ find them! We know it works because of the number of folk coming to site and staying on site (time on site)!


Do you tell anyone about your website and do you share the content?

I mean this! Do you share links to your pages? Share via emails or via socials? Do you inform current clients of posts? Do you reply to social media posts? Do you interact? All helping with attracting people to your website.

Google also loves this as its fresh and continuous!


Fresh Content by MOZ

Do you have links on your content?

My point here is a website on its on is like opening a shop and not telling anyone about it, hoping the passes by will see you and come in! So, you have to tell people you are there by ‘inviting’ them in and in web terms this means ‘sharing’ and providing ‘links’ to other content thus increasing the changes of being found! See article by Steve Rayson


Now, content is a huge subject on its own but if you can’t wait until my blog posts on ‘content’ then here are some books and conferences you should look at. They are simple to understand and don’t blow your mind with jargon. Remember “keep it simple”

This is the beginning of building your ‘presence’ in the market. It has to follow this rule though


consistent, interesting and focused

If it isn’t any of these you will not have a strong following!  Part 2 How does social media work in getting sales leads? will be up 7th April at 8am

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