Are you missing your mojo?

Why Industrial Marketers must put some spice into their content!


Ok Doug Kessler, I’m doing this for you! And I’ve stolen your fun ideas! 😉


What do turtles, a bunch of B2B marketers and mojo’s have in common? A conference all about serving the customer and it is not just any customer, it is a B2B customer. God that sounds cheesy!


Look around you! Yes, do it! How many adverts, pieces of content on LinkedIn, Tweets and blogs are just damn right boring? Plenty! I’m at a cross roads in my life…. I’m thirsty for new inspiring information….


Listening to the inspiring Doug Kessler yesterday made me write, and write about how he has inspired me to get my big fat ass in gear! So, today I’m writing. Ok, I don’t have a big fat ass… I actually have quite a nice ass!


Generating content for any audience is difficult, I hate writing, yep I said it, I really do! But if I can’t write, then, how do I expect my engineering audience to do the same. I preach about blogging and social media and getting their information out there. I preach about getting it across ‘simple’… the majority of the time it all falls on deaf ears.


But after reading Mark Schaefer’s “born to blog” and listening to Dougy (sorry Doug, it suites you) I decided to put pen to paper or rather fingers to keyboard.


So, the 5 top tips I stole from Dougy are (for today anyways)


Top 5 tips

  1. Aim high… don’t be afraid… try something little and test it.
  2. Write for a real person. So you can see from this piece, I’ve gone to town…. Why not, what do I have to lose?? It’s my subject and I quite like writing fun!
  3. Surprise, be rude, different, shock, whatever, but be different (my top tip)
  4. Say less…. Why not… so keep it short and sweet! (done!)
  5. Stay out of the mojo traps aka BORNING! CORPORATE SPEAK.. Yuk!
  6. Be honest with each other! Yep… I hate writing dross but I actually love writing fun!


Over and out for today!

Marketing mojo