How to measure which Geospatial Publication is getting YOU noticed!

How to measure which publication is getting YOU noticed!  Creating a Geospatial knowledge Hub.

Opening and retuning from Intergeo 2014

2014-10-07 14.41.22Just returned from Intergeo 2014, what a great show!  Some very interesting things going on esp the new RiCopter from Riegl.  What was interesting compared to a couple of years ago is everyone and their dog is getting into UAV.  It’s the craze!!  It will be interesting to see how this new craze will pan out.  I feel only a small handful of key experts will be at the forefront of this technology and it will come down to money and marketing, especially as technology gets proved!

Nice piece of information… don’t you think?… this leads me onto actions online and who is influencing whom:

Creating a Geospatial knowledge Hub

I mentioned on Twitter and LinkedIn “There are several Geospatial Publications going to Intergeo this year, however, WHO is doing the best at promoting you online?”

As marketers at EBTM, we have to keep our skills up to speed!  From keeping an eye on the Geospatial Industry, to keeping our marketing and sales techniques and latest thinking up to date!  Why?  So we know, we are relevant and giving you the best knowledge possible at that time.

Geospatial Publications

2014-10-08 09.55.28A key fact floating around the Social Media Industry at the moment is that the internet is set to grow by 600% and that’s equivalent to 6 Internets in today’s terms.  As Geospatial companies, who are you putting your money into?  PR and Advertising?  Who is standing out in the Geospatial Publication world and getting you noticed?  Who is influencing the industry through publications? Who do you rate and why?

How to measure which publication is getting you noticed!  Who is influencing?

As marketers, we use Klout, a website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence via the “Klout Score”, which is a numerical value between 1 and 100.  A basic and easy to understand metric.  Click here for further info.

KLOUTA good starting bench mark is; anything over 40 and your doing well!  The higher the score, the higher your influence in the market to drive action!  So, Geospatial Publications… get social!  We need you to share our stories!

As of today 9th October (scores change frequently.  They don’t sit still, so all can improve!); here are some scores:  Scores listed under ‘Not listed’ are not necessary off line but not listed with Klout.

  • Geoconnexion (@Geoconnexion) – Klout score:  Not listed
  • GIM International (@gim_intl) – Klout score: 47
  • 3sNews (3SNewsnow) – Klout score: Not listed
  • (@geomatching) – Klout score: Not listed
  • GeoInformatics Mag (Geoinformatics1) – Klout score: Not listed
  • GISCafe (@NewOnGISCafe): Klout score: Not listed
  • Point of Beginning (@POBMag) – Klout score: 42
  • GPS World (@GPSWorld) – Klout score: 51
  • American Surveyor (@surveying) – Klout score: Not listed
  • MundoGEO (@MundoGEO) – Klout score: 56
  • SPAR News (@SPAR_editor) – Klout score 55
  • LidarNews (@lidarnews) – Klout score: 43

Beginners guide click here

So what is the point I am trying to make here? Well two points really:

  1. We all agree it is important to have a wide readership, but as we know the way people digest information is changing.  People are reviewing and reading information more and more online, if you’re not there people can’t see you!
  2. Doesn’t it make sense to have your content on all the platforms your customers interact on? We think so!