Business leaders of tomorrow don’t know a world without mobile

by Elaine Ball

The old PC will be non-existent by 2020 as more and more technical savvy kids adopt the mobile way.  Just think about this:  the next ‘generation social natives’ don’t know a world without the Internet!  They don’t know a world without a mobile phone! “think about it” 

Google have announced that mobile is on the up.  Countries such as Japan and India are bypassing communications infrastructure and going straight to mobile and tablets.

B2B companies, who want to raise their profile and gain more clients, need to switch strategies now.

How to sell to the next generation of business leaders

Business leaders of tomorrow will only know mobile

Kids today will be the leaders of tomorrow and will only know a world with mobile

1). Make your site accessible

Make it mobile friendly!  Clear out what you have and find yourself a savvy web developer such as My Cloud Media who specialises in developing sites to be mobile friendly.  It should not cost the earth!  Budget around £2k GBP basic site with blog.

WHY?  If Google is telling us that countries, who are far behind the western world in infrastructure, are jumping ahead of already existing technology, you need to do the same!  If your markets are in the BRIC countries then you need to take note!

2). Focus on social

WHY? The world is changing at an astonishing rate.  The next generation of business leaders will only know a world with social and mobile.

Make your products easy to reach through FOCUSED marketing

Attach key words that your customers look for in search engines.  If you don’t know, ask!

Give it time.  People expect instant results but it takes time to build up your profile and your brand.

3). Reach out to your clients through mediums they use

Find out which social media platforms your clients are using and build your presence on these platforms.  i.e. Twitter, Linkedin, google+ etc

WHY? Over 500million people are using twitter.  Just imagine how many people will be using twitter in 2020.  Just imagine how people will be buying and sourcing YOUR product!

For you to stay ahead of the competition and take advantage of the next generation, your company must adopt and change its way to become FASTER and more accessible.