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Contract awarded  by Langver Engineering, a leading designer and manufacturer of curtain tensioners

Contract award announcement Elaine Ball Technical Marketing Ltd (EBTM) has announced that they have been awarded a contract to deliver business and marketing services by Langver Engineering, a global designer and manufacturer of curtain tensioners.   Langver Engineering sells a wide range of curtain tensioners to all major coachbuilders in the UK, as well as […]

Expanding your business through resellers

Are Resellers key for your business?  Part of our remit with a lot of our clients is to help them expand their business globally and for a lot of them, the best route to do this is via resellers and partners. Over the next month or so we will release a few blogs that will […]

How do I develop strategy?  Where do I start?

  How do I develop strategy?  Where do I start?     Have you been wondering ‘where’ to start with strategy development?  Need to realign your business or just get ‘things’ moving? Your strategy depends on ‘what you and/ or your board want for the business’.   Ask yourself the following: What do I want […]

Sales follow-up, friend or foe?

By Elaine Ball Sales follow-up, your friend or foe? With the dawn of Intergeo here and the hustle & bustle of the exhibitors getting ready for another year of excitement, a more serious note is on the horizon for the dozens of geoinformation companies wishing to entice new customers to grow their sales. “Sales follow-up” […]

I have NO idea HOW to sell this thing!!!

Ok, you’re a technical company with an amazing product now what do you do with it?  I get asked this question all the time.  “We know its good but we don’t know how to sell it?” OR “All our customers are through word of mouth but we don’t know how to sell it!”  Sound familiar? Ok, here are some tips: 1. What […]

I have a product to sell; now what do i do?

So where do i begin when it comes to sorting out WHO i sell to and HOW I go about doing it? You are a small design house specialising in designing and manufacturing a sensor for detecting vehicles.  You are the owner and CEO with a passion and dream to get your product into the […]

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