I have NO idea HOW to sell this thing!!!

Ok, you’re a technical company with an amazing product now what do you do with it?  I get asked this question all the time.  “We know its good but we don’t know how to sell it?” OR “All our customers are through word of mouth but we don’t know how to sell it!”  Sound familiar?

Ok, here are some tips:

1. What are the benefits to this product?  The real benefits?  What solution does your product give?

Write down the words on a flip chart to see them!  Ask your team to help; even better; ask your customers!

So you get your benefits right; your customer gets it but your leads are still not flowing!!

2. Who are you targeting? What are the common needs and wants? How are you targeting?

This is very important, as you don’t want to WASTE your valuable hard earned cash.  Targeting specifically to a segment in the market is key.  What I mean by segment is the common needs and wants of that particular piece of the market. ie. Airplane engine manufacturers based in x locations who are £100M turnover size and have similar issues (profit could be higher if we didn’t get it wrong!)

3. How are you targeting your audience and with what? Ie. social media, shows, advertising?  HOW?

There are many ways to target your audience and you need to choose the right medium (marketing term) for you!  If you have cash to spend, you can go for more ‘bang’.  If you have little cash, its being smart and making your cash work for you. (In all you must make your money work!)

4. Your message.  The real benefits to your customer.  If your message is wrong; you want sell anything!  Sometimes this takes time and tweaking to get right esp with technical companies. 

Play with key messages; brainstorm with your team and your customers.  What works?