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The corporate website?  The key to B2B companies?  The slicker the better??? Or is it?

Remember not that long ago, text heavy websites that did not ‘ooozz’ creativity but provided the reader with as much information as possible.   The objective TO INFORM? Now…. fast forward to 2013 and beyond.  The corporate website MUST stay ahead of the creativity spiral! Or should it?  Let me come back to that point. The website is your hub!  […]

Too many social whats?  I can’t do them all, its too much!

Do you tweet? Do you Blog? Do you Facebook? Do you Pinterest?….. I can hear you saying; STOP!! Its too much!  “too many things and what’s the point?”  I agree there are too many.  Lucky for you I love to find the latest platforms and test them out for myself!  Below is a very short […]