Too many social whats? I can’t do them all, its too much!

Do you tweet? Do you Blog? Do you Facebook? Do you Pinterest?….. I can hear you saying; STOP!! Its too much!  “too many things and what’s the point?” 

I agree there are too many.  Lucky for you I love to find the latest platforms and test them out for myself!  Below is a very short overview to give you some structure:

  1. Start with 4 platforms (you want to set yourself up to win so start small): try Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn
  2. Learn them.  Keep 15mins per day to digest ‘one piece of new information’ on a platform (it soon adds up and it gets easier!)
  3. Link up the tools so they feed off each other. Therefore when you Facebook; it updates your twitter account. (Google loves this!)
  4. Write 5 tweets per week and post around 11am.  Or ask someone to do it for you!  Why?  You are keeping the flow flowing!!  11am or 3pm are good times (break times for people)
  5. Use TweetDeck to keep a track and have SOME order.  You can categorise posts (into columns) to keep an eye on other things such as competition, the market and how many people re-tweet you.
  6. Use Klout to monitor your ‘influence’ within the market.  By doing this you will see a result.  It will also show ‘if you stop interacting’, your ‘influence’ goes down!  Therefore your presence in the market goes down!
  7. Link your posts back to your website; ie @companyname (drives traffic)
  8. Use an analytical tool to monitor the hits (unique hits) and leads through your website to see if your social media is working (Google Analytics is great and free!)
  9. Review over a 6 month period to give it time to gain traction
  10. Review, tweak and grow!
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