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Elaine Ball in a nutshell

A note from me, Elaine:

Hey there Geospatialer.  I am Elaine Ball, creator and visionary of Elaine Ball Ltd (EBL), a global Sales and Marketing Consultancy for the Geospatial Industry.  

In a nut shell “I help Geospatial Businesses increase sales quickly by enhancing enquiry quality”.  In other words; I remove the fluff, give you a proven process to follow and aid you in improving your bottom line.  In 2021 I launched the ONLY Geospatial Marketing Training Resource in the World “The Geospatial Marketing Academy” pulling together over 20 years of Sales and Marketing Experience into a self study portal for Owners, Directors, Marketers of Survey businesses and Geospatial Equipment Manufactures & Software Houses.

EBL was founded on three pillars “tripod”

  • The lack of qualified and experienced marketers who had a proven track record within the Geospatial Industry [I couldn’t’ find any]
  • A love for Surveying and Geospatial innovation [my dad’s fault]
  • And the passion for best practice sales and marketing [I love seeing people and businesses grow]


Where it all began

I started my career breaking [training] horses in Tomball, Texas, USA and my dad, Steve managed to persuade me to keep horses as a hobby!  I then accepted the position of Marketing Executive at Measurement Devices Ltd (MDL), our family business in 1998 [that’s a whole other story right there.. for another day]

I have over 20 years experience [blimey I sound like an old fart] in international sales and marketing of laser measurement tools and working with multiple technical companies all over the world.  My background began in manufacturing of laser survey equipment sold to multiple industries including; Mining, Quarry, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Transportation, Forestry and Surveying. 

During my career at MDL I was always trying to find great people to help me as I was conscious of being in that family bubble.  But I was also very skeptical at finding great people as I spent most of my time educating the consultant! So EBL was born.


Why Elaine Ball Ltd (EBL)?

  • I bloody love anything Survey, Geospatial, Sales and Marketing related.. yes I know, its a weird combination [psst.. and horses]
  • I know and understand the challenges and nuances of the Geospatial industry
  • I get Geospatial manufactures and sellers because I’ve been there and earned the t-shirt
  • Together, me and the team have a huge network of contacts and ideal suppliers plus I have rode on the coat tails of my amazing entrepreneurial dad
  • We have a sheer depth of industry and market knowledge and we are very good at building strong and profitable businesses globally
  • We have also put our Marketing skills to the ultimate test and Elly Ball [sister] and I founded Get Kids into Survey in November 2017 – this is the absolute test in building a global well recognised brand and reduce the short fall of Surveyors!


What does Elaine and her Geospatial Marketers do?

We have combined years of Geospatial Industry experience and condensed all the best bits into the first of its kind; The Geospatial Marketing Academy (GMA) a self study portal taking you from bumbling your way round to increasing sales quickly by enhancing enquiry quality.  Elaine also delivers workshops and consultancy to Surveyors and Equipment sellers all round the globe.

In 2021 we stopped taking on any more clients for agency work as we felt we would rather give you the skills for life instead of us doing it for you.  So as the saying goes “If you give a man a fish, he will be hungry tomorrow.  If you teach a man to fish, he will be richer forever” – and that is our new philosophy.

Our Vision

“To be the go-to sales & marketing training resource for Geospatial businesses”

Our Mission

Our Mission is “to raise the standards within the Geospatial Industry Globally by educating surveyors through to manufacturers on the best sales and marketing methods used to enhance their bottom line and to encourage and excite the next generation of surveyors”

What makes us so awesome?

We understand your pains
When it comes to running a company, we’ve had our fingers in most pies. We have run departments and worked our way up to board level. So believe us when we say that we’ve been in your shoes.

Our skills are what we like to call ‘stretchy’
We know it’s often about far more than developing sales and brand awareness. People, processes and cash flow are the real challenges in business and we can help you face them. All with a passion for marketing and a strong healthy grounding in business consultancy. See? Stretchy!

We’re ‘engineering’ junkies
With experience in the laser-manufacturing sector, we have an inside-out knowledge of the geospatial, mining, forestry, UAV, military and offshore sectors related to measurement – and we get involved in many others besides like construction. We have a long history in laser measurement and our families are a mixture of engineers, mine surveyors and chartered surveyors, hence the strong connection with Geospatial.

The top 3 categories of people we work with

  1. Marketing Managers of product businesses selling Geospatial tools, software or data who have an academic marketing background and some years doing the job 
  2. Marketers or Administrators within the Geospatial Industry with little to no marketing or Industry marketing experience
  3. Owners, Marketers or Administrators in ‘Survey’ companies selling a service 

We won’t try and confuse you with marketing jargon

Honestly, even we get fed up with marketers using the latest buzzwords, all it does is lead to misunderstanding, confusion, frustration and time lost. All of which become obstacles to teams making good work.

Why take our word for it! Here’s what our clients say:

“Learnt something new about Market Segmentation and really enjoyed the enthusiasm brought by Elaine. Thank you very much, we all enjoyed the day and got a lot out of it. It has given us some great ideas for taking the project forward.”

– Oliver Viney, Atlantic Geomatics

“We recently had an excellent one day workshop with Elaine where we came away with many ideas and tools to proactively narrow our marketing focus. With her geospatial background, she easily learned about our business and customized the workshop accordingly. Her exercise on analysing customer needs and segmenting them into groups for focused campaigns was particularly beneficial. She is organized, entertaining and has followed up with us to keep us moving along.”

– Linda Dean Glover, Co-Owner VP/ Marketing & Sales at Electronic Data Solutions

“My staff and I worked closely with Elaine on a time sensitive Marketing Campaign for a new critical product release at a major International trade show. Elaine and her team, despite being an ocean away, were both prompt and punctual on every scheduled phone call, every email, every meeting, every deliverable and met every deadline we had put forth. Elaine and her team did an excellent job of assisting us in a European market that was not our expertise to gain both awareness and visibility of our new product, I was not disappointed in the results. I would therefore, indefinitely, recommend Elaine because of the professionalism, enthusiasm and technical marketing ability Elaine brought to the table during this project.”

– Nick Ackerson, Director, Global Marketing and Product Management at LTI


The Horse

Elaine is a keen horsewomen, so naturally the horse had to reflect in the branding.  

The horse – embodying the strength, passion and determination in the company’s values and beliefs (and the ladies’ love for all things equestrian – bar Elly and Bella who are non horsey)




So, aren’t you glad you found me?

So you can link up with me here on LinkedIn – come say hi

Interested to know how to increase sales quickly by enhancing enquiry quality?  Then watch this case study

Interested in Get Kids into Survey, find out more here

Elaine’s mission is to Up level Geospatial Industry Globally by giving surveyors and equipment manufacturers a dedicated resource for business, sales, marketing and strategic communications…and to encourage and excite the next generation of surveyors.

psssst… we use Riegl RiCOPTER drones. Check them out.

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