The corporate website? The key to B2B companies? The slicker the better??? Or is it?

Remember not that long ago, text heavy websites that did not ‘ooozz’ creativity but provided the reader with as much information as possible.   The objective TO INFORM?

Now…. fast forward to 2013 and beyond.  The corporate website MUST stay ahead of the creativity spiral!

Or should it?  Let me come back to that point.

The website is your hub!  As a techy type organization it has to inform, educate, attract, capture, retain and be the brand champion!

The world of social media is changing that fast it makes me wonder if the beloved website will actually disappear?

Think about it!

Reading the article ‘web of wonder’ by Alex Aspinall in June’s B2B magazine got me questioning his thoughts and findings, as well as my own.

Do you honestly think the website is here to stay?  With all this amazing ‘other’ social platofmorms (ie. twitter) getting stronger and stronger.  Do you think the website will have a place on the web?

Yes we control our brand messages via our own online places but we can so via twitter, Facebook and Google+ and many others.

(Using APP pages on Facebook!)


My vision is simple!

“One page; key messages that interact with all your other platforms!”

Let me explain:  Check out my FB page:  Today I added Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ to my Facebook page as an app page.  What has it done?

I now have:

  1. More interaction
  2. More visibility
  3. More ‘keeping ones eye on ones brand?’

Its like a spiders web! (great saying from Hannah Cotterell)

There is talk that we will have to do more online!  I agree.  The talk is we have to do what we are doing offline?

I need to give you all a quick reality check here.  We are doing it already!  As the world of social media gets faster and faster; we get smarter and smarter coming up with better ways of doing things!  Its just time until its more ‘integrated!’