Geospatial Marketing Workshops

Focused Geospatial Marketing Workshops for Surveyors and Geospatial Professionals who want more!

From understanding how to maximise social media and turn followers into clients. Understanding the Marketing Planning Process to streamline your execution. What type of content to deliver that will maximise your results and much much more. Contact Elaine today at elaine @

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Geospatial Marketing Workshops

Focused subject based workshops (in-house and virtual) which delve into an individual topic.

Workshops Topics

  • Reviewing your marketing strategy; what are you doing now and how to plan for a successful future.
  • Content to turn heads; understanding what types of content to produce and how to measure what works
  • Understanding the Marketing Process; all about the flow and how it works with sales
  • Building a killer Geospatial Brand; from realigning to building
  • Digital Marketing – find out what’s working and what isn’t and how it ties in with sales £££
  • Social Media; understanding and reviewing social media platforms to help spread the word, build followers and convert into sales
    • Instagram; how to build the right type of follower and why.  Using stories to build fans and uncovering how to turn followers into customers.
    • LinkedIn; setting up an awesome profile, using LinkedIn to build a fan base.  Understanding free vs premium, using messages and utilising InMails (Premium)
    • Facebook – how to build a following, using groups to build a sales funnel

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What’s included?

  • Customised learning materials

Time, Cost and How?

Virtual Workshops:

  • Time:  approx 1.5hrs + materials
  • Size of teams: up to 8 people
  • How?  Via Zoom Link
  • Cost:  £1,500 GBP + vat (if applicable)
  • Request a quote for teams greater than 8

In-house Workshops:

  • Time:  approx 4-5 hrs + materials
  • Size of teams: up to 8 people
  • How?  In-house
  • Cost:  £3,000 GBP + vat (if applicable) + expenses (hotel, mileage, flights etc*)
  • Request a quote for teams greater than 8

* where applicable

Workshop details – what is it?

Are you:

  • Looking to get your team aligned?
  • Looking to improve your sales pipeline
  • Needing help to organise your marketing
  • Needing help to formulate a strategy
  • Needing assistance to align your sales and marketing
  • Need to understand which social platform to use and why
  • Need help in understanding how digital marketing works
  • Need to build a better online profile via LinkedIn
  • All of the above and more?

Workshop details – who is this for?

  • Director owners of Survey companies (especially to formulate a strategy and understand how marketing spend results in ROI)
  • Senior Survey managers who have a roll of growing sales
  • Director owners and senior managers of equipment resellers
  • Marketing and sales personnel
  • Manufacturers of software and hardware

Workshop details – How do you benefit?

  • Develop a strategy that works for your geospatial business
  • Understand how content marketing will help with sales lead generation
  • How using the right content will speed up the sales process
  • You will be able to reduce reactiveness and become a better planner therefore better return on investment
  • How to get your brand out there and develop it
  • Know which social media platform is right for your business
  • Understand the types of techniques you can execute immediately
  • Understand how to measure marketing spend and hold marketing accountable
We recently had an excellent one day workshop with Elaine where we came away with many ideas and tools to proactively narrow our marketing focus. With her geospatial background, she easily learned about our business and customized the workshop accordingly. Her exercise on analyzing customer needs and segmenting them into groups for focused campaigns was particularly beneficial. She is organized, entertaining and has followed up with us to keep us moving along.
Linda Dean GloverCo-Owner VP/ Marketing & Sales at Electronic Data Solutions
Elaine is a best marketer for Geospatial industry based on her professional experience of years in the field. She did marketing workshop for my sales and management team and we thought it was very insightful than expected. She guided us what we’d been thru out in our business and highlighted what we can do for better business in our market. During the whole workshop, she was the best mentor and skilful partner to improve our marketing strategy and skills.
Angela (So Yeon) KangBuildingPoint Korea
Elaine is an entrepreneur, marketing guru, geospatial professional, and mentor. She has the unique ability to effectively navigate and communicate throughout all levels of an organization. She has educated and mentored senior executives and she has also “got her boots dirty” by working directly next to marketing professionals within an organization. In addition, she has built relationships based on trust and value. Her “can-do” attitude has created an infectious following and her competence in social media and marketing has been extremely beneficial. She developed a marketing and social media workshop that she has deployed to over 20 dealers on several continents. These workshops have addressed branding, social media, and digital marketing and how these concepts can grow revenue and profit even in the toughest of economic environments. In addition, she preaches the age old marketing concept of features and benefits. This is taught to us at a very young age in our business life, however, we all many times forget a feature must translate to a benefit. She will remind you with a smile, a push, and an excellent marketing plan. Every great product or concept always has a great marketing professional standing in the shadows. I would recommend all of you to come out of the shadows and utilize the skills of Elaine Ball. I did and I am better for it.
Bryn Fosburgh, VPTrimble


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Why choose Elaine?

  • Elaine has board level experience – including qualifications from the Institute of Directors (IoD) and INSEAD
  • Elaine has got the track record to prove it – Elaine was previously Managing  Director of Measurement Devices Ltd (MDL). She doubled sales before working with her father and chairman to sell it to a FTSE 250 company in 2013.
  • Elaine and kick ass Geospatial Marketing team know the Geospatial Industry – years and years of Geospatial Marketing Experience – just ask her clients!


Virtual Workshops delivered online 

  • Subject based virtual workshops are $550 USD / £500 GBP + vat


In-house Workshops for UK companies

  • Workshops & Focused Subject Workshops £1,375 GBP + vat + expenses (per day) + expenses charged at cost + 10% /$2,420 USD + expenses (per day)


We highly recommend that your team follows up their workshop with quarterly follow-up sessions:

Why? Well it enables them to:

  • check the business is implementing the actions set out in the first workshop and in a timely fashion
  • bring outsider ‘thinking’ and connections to the business
  • re-align the business if off track or needs to diversify

Inspirational marketing people and companies to follow

  • Ian Cleary and his amazing social media business Razor Social
  • Content Marketing Evangelist Joe Pulizzi
  • Smart Marketing for Engineers by the wonderful Rebecca Geier
  • Social Media Examinar Mike Stelzner
  • The Queen of Facebook Mari Smith
  • The Pool Guy Marcus Sheridan – believe me, you will want to SEE THIS DUDE IN ACTION!
  • Carla Johnson the whizz B2B Marketer and co-author of EXPERIENCES: THE 7TH ERA OF MARKETING
  • Dave Reibstein, Dean of Marketing at Wharton Uni and Co-author of Marketing Metrics
  • Buyer Personas – the awesome book on how to focus on the right customer by Adele Revella 
  • Jonah Berger and Best Selling Author of Contagious (Psst… Jonah loooovvveesss Bianchi bikes)
  • Engineering Marketer Rebecca Geier and her awesome book SMART MARKETING FOR ENGINEERS
  • The awesome inspiring Ann Handley and her amazing book on Everybody Writes

Some of our amazing Clients