Elly Ball, Elaine Ball and Emily Monsen at Content Marketing World 2019

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Happy holidays to all and a very merry Christmas to those who follow Santa Claus! I hope you’ve all written your Dear Santa letters and put them up the chimney (if you have one!).

We closed the doors for registering for the Geospatial Marketing Academy (GMA) 1.0 on Monday 14 December. They’ll reopen in May. I’m now a very happy Yoda (teacher) to an ambitious group of students who are determined to improve their marketing for 2021. Yippee!

Besides their self-study programme, our students have me and my team to bounce ideas off, plus live Facebook Q&As. The idea is for them to implement the process and catapult their geospatial sales revenue through the roof. BOOM!

Rolling into 2021 with a fabulous new process in hand, these geospatial marketers now have no excuse not to improve their 2021 marketing plans! I’m super-excited to see what comes of these amazing people.

As we close out a weird year in all respects – pandemic, racism, wildfires, Brexit, US election, etc – I wanted to give you my ridiculously useful holiday gift guide for geospatial marketers. Yes, I know I’m probably a bit on the late side, but it’s ok… no sweat. You can still order!

Personally picked just for you wonderful humans (you are humans, aren’t you?!) here are my top 10 choices….

  1. The Geospatial Marketing Academy (of course) – the 12-month self-study programme for improving your sales revenue using marketing methods that have been tried and tested in the geospatial Industry. Even though the doors are closed, I’m offering you the chance to sign up! My wonderful news-goers.  The fee is $3,995 (£3,250 + vat). It’s jam-packed with juicy content, tidbits, links, videos and live Q&A sessions. Use the code MRSCLAUS in the header of an email so I know you’ve come from this letter! Find out more about the ins and outs of GMA here. Remember, GMA 1.0 includes $2,500-worth of BONUS lessons from two best-selling authors!  And if you are not quite ready, you can sign up to the WAITLIST GMA 2.0 here. 

“This course gives you the foundation knowledge to help with marketing concepts and how to build your business. The course is streamlined and easy to follow with videos and workbooks to complete. I would recommend this to anyone interested in upskilling or wanting to learn about marketing and business. Thank you Elaine and team”.  Peta Cox, Project Manager, Cardno Geospatial, Australia

  1. Ann Handley’s best selling fandabidozi (amazing) book to help you brush up on your content marketing skills. Perfect for any geospatial marketer who wants to get an edge when it comes to writing awesome copy! I LOVE this book… it sleeps with me!  You can find it on Amazon.

  2. Environmentally friendly clothing for your team! Waves & Wild is a brand I absolutely love. They’re based on the Isle of Wight in the UK, and Lindsey has a fabulous story to share as well as great ethics: 50% of their profits go to charity. Check out her stuff!

  3. Map socks are the perfect gift for the geospatialer who already has everything. Daniel O’Donohue doesn’t just offer map socks featuring topographics designs, he also has an AWESOME podcast in which he interviews interesting experts in our industry!

  4. Access to the ultimate marketing conference, Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio – I’ve been 3 times and it will blow your mind! The sessions are crammed full of amazing content ideas. Last year I even sat at a table with NASA marketers! Again for anyone who read that too fast: NASA. MARKETERS. Wow! The show caters for B2B and engineering… it’s all very, very relevant and a top find for any geospatial marketer! I managed to bring 7 geospatial marketers with me in 2019, including Emily Monsen from Monsen Engineering in Salt Lake City. Use discount code GEOSPATIAL21 and click here to register.

  5. The Great British Treasure Hunt Book from Ordnance Survey – I’ve already devoured their puzzle book and it was AMAZEBALLS! So I’m sharing their latest and greatest book idea with you – check it out.

  6. Map geeks – Get a personalised British map done by Ordnance Survey. How cool is that? OK, maybe not so cool if you live outside the UK, but fun to share this awesome gift. Psst.. I’ve asked Santa for one!

  7. Lenses for iPhones! Check out this fabulous YouTube page. If you’re an aspiring YouTuber like Surveying with Robert, but don’t have the dosh to buy expensive camera kit, then check this out for the ultimate marketer’s gift!

  8. Subscription to GRAMMARLY – content is king, right? So why not subscribe to the ultimate grammar checker (or check-err?)

  9. A content scheduler – The ultimate time-saver for time-strapped geospatial marketers: subscribe to the wonderful Hootsuite and get organised in 2021!

That’s it – my top-10 Christmas list of mega gifts for mega geospatial marketers! Thanks for reading this far. Thanks for your kindness and generosity.

Stay safe. Stay sane. Wear a Christmas mask.

I’ll be back on 31 December.




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