Geospatial Marketing Academy 1.0

Need proven methods for growing your geospatial business and getting high-quality sales leads? The all-new global Geospatial Marketing Academy brings experts and experience together with step-by-step guides to achieving SUCCESS and GROWTH.

Watch my quick video for what it’s all about and why you can’t afford to miss this!

What’s included in the Geospatial Marketing Academy (GMA) 1.0?

  • Over 50 practical marketing lessons, covering a huge range of Marketing and Sales ideas, techniques and tactics
  • 12-month subscription means work at your own time and at your own pace
  • Access LIVE sessions with programme leader Elaine every month
  • Join the GMA community in a PRIVATE Facebook group 

Investment is US$3,995 / GBP£3,250 + VAT

And for those signing up before Midnight 14th December, you will also receive the following bonus materials:

  • ONLY IN GMA 1.0 – 5 FREE BONUS lessons from best-selling author and SEO expert Tim Kitchen of Exposure Ninja (worth over US$1,000)
  • ONLY IN GMA 1.0 – 3 FREE BONUS lessons on the valued-added sale from best-selling sales author Paul Reilly (worth over US$1,500)
  • A warm welcome to all – survey businesses, geospatial equipment manufacturers, software houses, resellers and more
  • Group discounts for multiple students

Bookings for 1.0 will close at the at Midnight Monday 14th December, so don’t delay!

Bonus lessons – FREE only in GMA 1.0

Sign up for the Geospatial Marketing Academy 1.0 and I’ll add in 8 FREE bonus lessons worth over US$2,500. Not available in GMA 2.0! (After 14 December 2020)

Improve your Google rankings with Tim Kitchen

Understand how to run digital campaigns and improve your position in online search results! There’s no better potential customer than someone who’s just searched for exactly what you offer, right when they need to make a decision. Over 5 lessons with Tim and the SEO experts at Exposure Ninja, you’ll discover what Google’s looking for and how to present and promote your website in a way that makes Google keen to move you higher in the search results. Exposure Ninja is one of the UK’s leading SEO consultancies – their hugely popular books, podcasts and videos have already helped tens of thousands of business owners and marketing managers. Fun delivery, plain English and a common-sense approach make Exposure Ninja the ideal tutors. No prior knowledge required.

Nail your geospatial sales with Paul Reilly

EXCLUSIVE to the Geospatial Marketing Academy! Learn straight from Paul Reilly, the best-selling author of Value Added Selling, the go-to guide that started the global value-selling revolution. Paul is president of Tom Reilly Training, where the whole idea is to make your customers want the value you bring, not for you to make sales simply by slashing your prices (and your profits).

Meet your trainers

Chief Instructor

Elaine Ball

The visionary behind Elaine Ball Technical Marketing, a global marketing and business consultancy for the geospatial sector. Her mission is to help build success and growth for surveyors, equipment manufacturers and dealers. With a solid background in the surveying industry herself, Elaine offers the benefit of her proven experience and expertise in business, sales, creative marketing and strategic communications. “There’s a lack of specialist technical sales and marketing expertise in geospatial,” she says. “The cherry on the cake? I’ve lived and breathed this industry since I was a teenager!” Based in the UK, Elaine’s global client list includes Trimble, NM Group, Korec, Seiler, NEI, Leica Geosystems, Laser Technology Inc, Building Point, TopoDOT and ArenaCAD. She’s a regular guest blogger at POB Online. 

Head Ninja

Tim Kitchen

Tim Cameron-Kitchen is Head Ninja at digital marketing agency Exposure Ninja. They consult to businesses in every imaginable market around the world, helping them increase their website rankings, traffic, and profit. Tim’s been in digital marketing since 2005 and set up Exposure Ninja in 2012. His 5 best-selling digital marketing books, online courses, seminars, and podcasts teach tens of thousands of businesses every year. Tim’s an entertaining speaker who makes complex subjects very easy to understand. He presents at the B2B Marketing Expo in London and at private seminars and workshops. He has 3 cats: Ninja, Samurai and Shinobi.

Sales Instructor

Paul Reilly

Paul Reilly is the owner and president of Tom Reilly Training. He began his sales career at the age of 16 in St Louis, Missouri and has sold car washes, painting services, jewelry, propane, construction tools and fasteners, and medical equipment. Paul’s value-added approach has made him a top-performer in his 15-year B2B sales career. For 6 of those years, he sold tools and fasteners for the Hilti organization; he joined the Hilti Master’s club in 2010 and a year later made it into their Three Million Dollar Sales Club. Paul is co-author (with his father) of Value-Added Selling, fourth edn (McGraw-Hill, 2018) and is a contributor to a wide range of publications. He is also a faculty member of the University of Innovative Distribution (UID). 

Our happy clients

Client Ref:

Client Ref:

“Elaine has built relationships based on trust and value.” 

Bryn Fosburgh, VP Trimble

“Elaine is an entrepreneur, marketing guru, geospatial professional, and mentor. She has the unique ability to effectively navigate and communicate throughout all levels of an organization. She has educated and mentored senior executives and she has also ‘got her boots dirty’ by working directly next to marketing professionals. She has built relationships based on trust and value.”


“A class act organization”

Todd Sleezer, Geospatial Sales Manager at Precision Midwest

“Hats off to Elaine Ball. Not only was the training informative but it was eye opening. Elaine customized our marketing plan for our particular needs and we realized what our actual focus for marketing in different verticals should be. Very interactive. A class act organization.”


“No room for failure!”

Chim Moore

“Elaine is great at working with start-ups, as she injects positive energy in offering marketing knowledge, marketing communications, marketing reports, and activity planners. Most importantly, she’ll put together a strong and effective business strategy document – if followed and implemented, there will be no room for failure! A great force to reckon with.”


“Elaine addresses how to grow revenue and profit even in the toughest of economic environments.”

Bryn Fosburgh, VP Trimble

“Elaine’s ‘can-do’ attitude has created an infectious following and her competence in social media and marketing has been extremely beneficial. She developed a marketing and social media workshop that she has deployed to over 20 dealers on several continents. These workshops have addressed branding, social media, and digital marketing and how these concepts can grow revenue and profit even in the toughest of economic environments.”


“We walked away with valuable insights and actionable plans.”

Sook Yee Loh, Geospatial Channel Relations Manager, APAC, Trimble   

“Our channel relations team engaged Elaine to run strategic marketing workshops for our distributors around the globe. She used simple yet powerful methods to impart knowledge on market segmentation that applies to our industry. She was always full of energy and engaged her audience very well! It was a very lively session with lots of interaction. We walked away with valuable insights and actionable plans.”


“I would recommend all of you to come out of the shadows and use the skills of Elaine Ball. I did and I’m better for it.”

Bryn Fosburgh, VP Trimble

In addition, she preaches the age old marketing concept of features and benefits. She will remind you with a smile, a push, and an excellent marketing plan. Every great product or concept always has a great marketing professional standing in the shadows. I would recommend all of you to come out of the shadows and utilize the skills of Elaine Ball. I did and I am better for it.”


“Her exercise on analyzing customer needs and segmenting them into groups for focused campaigns was particularly beneficial.”

Linda Dean Glover, CEO, ElecData System Inc

“We recently had an excellent one-day workshop with Elaine where we came away with many ideas and tools to proactively narrow our marketing focus. With her geospatial background, she quickly learned about our business and customized the workshop accordingly. Her exercise on analyzing customer needs and segmenting them into groups for focused campaigns was particularly beneficial. She is organized, entertaining and has followed up with us to keep us moving along.”


What’s the benefit?

The goal is to help you achieve sales, sales, and more sales! Which means growth, success, and the future you always wanted for your business. It’s a seriously practical CPD programme that comes with a lot of fun and laughs along the way. We’ll check your understanding of each level within GMA before you can progress to the next, so you can be sure you’re making progress and learning. 

What does the GMA 1.0 programme cost?

The cost per student is US$3,995 or £3,250 + VAT. This includes the right to access over 50 online sessions at any time for a whole year, so you can work at your own pace. It’s delivered online so you can do it from the comfort of your office, home or hotel room.

What’s included?

A ton of useful, practical and provide ideas and materials – from putting together a detailed marketing strategy to top tips for using social media, building your fan-base and how the sales funnel works (and how to make it work for you), plus there are loads of templates thrown in. 

Does it go into detail about things like how to set up a campaign? 

Yes, and we’ll show you the step-by-step process for how it’s done, and give you templates to work with.

Who’s it for?

Anyone from survey companies to geospatial technology firms such as manufactures, software houses and dealers. This includes survey company owners who do their own marketing (and need a tried and tested methodology), sales managers who want to use marketing to boost their sales, and marketing managers who are looking for the right tools and accelerated routes to market.

When does it open?

Doors are open NOW but won’t stay open for long! Registration will close on 31 January 2021. To give you a taster of this brand-new, we are launching a FREE Sales Workshop on 30th November which will showcase one of my many lessons – it will deep dive into what and how the course will feel!  Its completely free and you can take away the tips today without committing to GMA.

Why is registration only open for a short time?

We already know the programme is in great demand around the world and we can only handle a certain number of students. Version 2.0 will be launched in Q2 2021 but at that point, the bonus lessons (worth US$2,500) will be priced separately – whereas they’re FREE in GMA 1.0! So don’t miss out.

Why is the bonus material free in GMA 1.0?

Because this is a brand-new programme and we’re treating this as a pilot. Every lesson is fully finished and polished, but we’ll be asking for your feedback. We’re also keen to support those in the geospatial community who most want to benefit their businesses. BOOM!

Is it suitable for one-person businesses/sole traders?

Absolutely! And you get access to it for a whole year, so you can take your time! You also have access to the Discussion Box, and can ask as many questions as you like. We support you 100% in your mission to improve your business.


Do you give real-life examples?

Yes, of course. Elaine will showcase some of our current clients including TopoDOT (a point-cloud processing company) and CSTi (the premier geospatial services and facilities/asset management company in the Southwestern USA.

What if I pay the money and it’s not for me?

We will give you all your money back! Guaranteed. 

A Diary of a Geospatial Marketing Academy (GMA) Student