3rd December 2020
Sheep Dog Land (the Yorkshire Dales, England)

Welcome to the 4th issue of the Geospatial Marketing Academy Newsletter a fortnightly newsletter by me, Elaine Ball, on all the stuff that matters – geospatial marketing, life! 

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Dear Geospatialers,

I have a new Sheep Dog!  Meet Bert.

Monday 30 November was one hell of a crazy day. We ran w “Marketing to Sales” workshops, got 135 registrations, made 2 sales totalling $7,990 for the Geospatial Marketing Academy (GMA), launched the GMA itself… AND made a trip in-between workshops to the farm up the valley to collect the newest addition to our family, Bert!

Post-crazy day, I didn’t even sleep well, fretting about Bert being alone downstairs with Nell, my other sheep dog, but she surprised me and my husband by stepping up as a surrogate mum. Bonus!

Boggy-eyed but bushy-tailed, with a dash of contentment, I got up on Tuesday morning to no accidents from Bert (YAY) and one happy-looking doggy. Happy mummy (me)! Today is recap day, and a chance to catch up on a ton of emails from excited workshop-goers. It’s also a chance to review the key pointers from the workshop to my new-found friends… you!

Lead magnets – attracting your audience

Monday’s workshop was free: it was what I call a “lead magnet” for the Geospatial Marketing Academy. My lead magnet. Important for me to point that out, as at the end of the day I’m here to pass on my geospatial marketing Wisdom! Like Yoda, I am. My goal is to successfully help you traverse the marketing world in a way that best fits with what you do – saving you a ton of time and money, and hopefully giving you a fatter bank account (not draining it!).  

I had a lovely email from a guy called Alan who said he was being a Brit, and signed up to the freebie with no intention to pay for the full GMA. And that’s ok! He was interested enough to come to the freebie, which makes him a marketing-qualified lead. He may not be ready now, but he may be ready in 6 months, a year, or 3 years!  That’s why you need awesome content at every level of your sales funnel. 

Develop content that attracts

As marketers, sales managers and business owners, it’s vital to develop your marketing ‘content’. This content should be at the core of your marketing. Content should attract people, grab their attention, and make them want more! The free sales workshop was key to explaining the marketing to sales funnel, and how marketing attracts, educates and converts. Alan was warm enough to sign up, and is now being nurtured. 😀  

Nurture your audience with the right content

Alan, along with 134 other contacts, are now in my MQL database and will receive focused content including tips, tricks and other information which address problems and provide solutions! The aim is to build and nurture the target market so it all turns into moolah (money).  

The overall process can be long (sometimes, if you’re lucky, it can be short). So have a plan, stick to it, and by all means tweak it. But be patient! 

Look at the marketing to sales process as 3 phases:

Phase 1.  Does it attract my ideal audience to read my content? Those I really, really want to buy my stuff? Will it help them?

Phase 2.  Does it give them actions to take, in order to build them into my database and be able to nurture them?

Phase 3.  Does it turn them into moolah?

Then work on the details in-between. Reverse-engineer the process from the bank account back up to the top of the funnel. It sounds simple when I put it like that, but I do this stuff in my sleep! It’s my world! That’s why I want to share it with you. Process leads to money.

So on that note, happy funnel-building!  

Thanks for reading this far. Thanks for your kindness and generosity.

Stay safe. Stay sane. Wear a colourful mask.

I’ll be back on 17 December.




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Marketing tools I used this week:

Mailchimp for lead nurturing.  A simple, easy-to-use lead nurture system where you can set up a drip-feed campaign – ideal to nurture your target audience to take action!  Enjoy!