Influencer Marketing for Geospatialers


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Happy 2023 – I bet it already feels like the Christmas holidays are a distant memory as the new year gets underway!

But it’s time to get back to work and make this year your best one yet 💫

This year is all about getting the most from your MARKETING Geospatialer!

Using the channels and content that work the best for YOU.

If something isn’t working, it’s money wasted and who wants to be pouring moola £££ down the LOO 🚽?!

First up, let’s look at debunking the mystery around influencer marketing

  • What it is

  • How it works

  • Why it NEEDS to be used more in the geospatial industry…

  • And most importantly, why YOU need to know about it right now!


So, what is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing has really kicked off in recent years, yes its a bit of a buzzword but actually the term ‘influencer’ became popular in the 2010s and was officially added to the English dictionary in 2019.

An influencer is ‘one who exerts influence : a person who inspires or guides the actions of others’.

Often, specifically ‘a person who is able to generate interest in something (such as a consumer product) by posting about it on social media’.

It has quickly become the backbone for a lot of businesses and is a seriously powerful way to

  • build brand awareness 💙

  • reach a target audience 💙

  • build trust and authority with people 💙

All things you want, if you didn’t know that already!

In the early days influencer marketing was just used for fashion, beauty and ecommerce brands sending products to celebrities and famous faces in return for advertising.

But it’s evolved so much since then! And its encroaching into Geospatial😱

Now it’s about finding those people with influence and followers, who are listened to and who can offer guidance and expertise to their audience.

Choosing your influencers isn’t just a snap decision.

Like any part of your marketing, it needs strategy and research. Next month, I’ll reveal exactly HOW to choose the right influencers for your business, as well as how to know if and when they’re working for you.

For now, let’s keep it simple.

At a basic level, influencer marketing means using people with a similar social media following/ audience to help spread the word or showcase your product or service.

This could be through social media channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, or through in-person events. Not only does this build brand awareness, but it gives a view from an ‘impartial’ third party which can lead others to want to engage, connect or buy from you too.

Influencer marketing can open you up to new audiences and help you to find those ideal customers

It’s important to align influencers with your business. 

Got it in one: Ball’s top tip

  • Find someone who has the ear of a similar target audience

How does influencer marketing work for geospatial?

It’s no secret that the geospatial industry isn’t always the most up to date with marketing trends, in fact, most businesses in our sector are waaaayyyy behind the times.

But influencer marketing is one area we really shouldn’t be dragging our feet about.

I see you geospatialer, sceptical and wondering if I’m going to shove a Kardashian in your face.

Panic not, that won’t be happening!

Influencer marketing makes so many people think about celebrities selling teeth whitening or protein shakes but it is so much more than that. In every industry, no matter how niche, influencers are

  • thought leaders
  • have authority and

  • are making people sit up and listen

Now more than ever, the geospatial industry should be using this underused marketing tool and harnessing the power of influencer marketing

It’s only going to get stronger and better!

  • Do it before you get left behind
  • Be one of the newbies on this bandwagon

  • Don’t let your competitor beat you to it


Ball’s Golden Nugget; how to get ahead with influencer marketing

Harness the power of the right influencers and their audience to expand your reach and see your business build strong relationships with new and existing customers.

Ball’s insider trading: 🔥🔥 ones to watch 🔥🔥

If you’re wondering where you find these amazing geospatial influencers, then you’re in luck – I’ve done the hard work for you and found those that are making some serious moves in our industry…

Rami Tamimi

See him here

Rami with an impressive 50,000 followers on Youtube and growing is a young graduate and one to watch who I predict will go on to do BIG things!

For those keen to learn more about the geospatial world, Rami’s educational content explains different aspects of surveying and he has a young and engaged audience who will be the surveyors of tomorrow as well as surveyors of today.
Any company keen to target young people and showcase the range of careers in geospatial or even in their own business should consider working with Rami as he’s tapped into the younger market in a fun and informative way.

Farrah Etcheverry – Ladyland Surveyor

See her here and here

I love to see Farrah’s content as a fellow woman in the geospatial and surveying industries – she is a hardworking female and ‘Surveying Adventurer’ who is doing it all!

She helps run her family surveying business alongside studying and family life with her children, and her content shows surveying and mapping as the fun profession it is.

From full high-vis to getting down and dirty with drones, her day in the life content shows just how different everyday in survey can be. She’s a shining star for the future of the industry and if you have followed her over the years you will have seen how much she has developed and grown in her own confidence as a female surveyor in a male dominated profession.  GO FARRAH!

Robert Martin – Surveying with Robert

See him here

Robert is a trusted voice within the surveying world and his honest and trustworthy reviews don’t pull any punches. He says what he thinks, and his audience love him for it.

With over 8,000 followers, his audience might not seem huge but it’s highly engaged and they follow him for his content that ranges from all things Trimble to surveying tips and tricks for being out in the field.

He’s an authoritative voice that shows the range of technology, innovation and the depth of surveying from someone who works in it everyday.

Lee Landman – Slugsi100

See him here

Landman (what a cool name for a surveyor or what!)  is a working surveyor in South Africa that showcases the surveying profession in a cool way via his Instagram account.

Using reels, stories and grid content, he shows how his Trimble equipment works in the surveying industry and let’s face it – he’s in one of the coolest locations direct from Cape Town!

He attracts over 11,000 followers from around the globe who are fascinated with is eye catching content

Peter Haddock

Taken: 8th May 2021 Tees Valley newly elected Mayor (2nd term) Ben Houchen with the new Volvo Plant excuvator. Image Byline: Dave Charnley Photography.

See him here

Peter Haddock is a journalist, vlogger, podcaster and a voice for the construction industry with a lot of experience from geospatial and surveying.

Peter knows how to ask questions and naturally deep dives into how stuff works!  You will have an instant liking to his catchy personality which shines through on every video.

A final thought…

Get linked up with these amazing-balls people – they will not only boost your creative juices but are they an ideal influencer for your business?

Yours Elaine

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