Diary of a Geospatial Marketer Friday 17th November 2017


A Life as a Geospatial Marketer


Another crazy week in the Elaine Ball Camp!

The Get Kids into Survey Campaign has taken off and its been great to see how humble the Survey Community has been. I love this Industry and together we can show the world how exciting it is!


I would like to say Thank You to Andy Roberts of Formby Surveys in Liverpool, England for sending me the ruler wrist bands – just shows how POWERFUL Instagram actually is! A big thank you to Serena Ronan from The Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors for her 20 copies of the poster! And a big old Thank you to Graham Mills for taking his 120 poster to TeenTech Event in London this week! I hope the kids enjoyed it!


A wee update on how to find specific “Marketing” content related to you be it a surveyor or manufacture. Excited to share with you that Elaine Ball Technical Marketing will be sponsoring 2018 TUC Point Cloud Processing Conference with owners of TopoDOT: Certainty3D Inc. #HappyFriday everyone Enjoy!