Diary of a Geospatial Marketer Friday 24th November 2017

A Life as a Geospatial Marketer


How many Trig Pillars are there in the UK?  Watch this video to find out!

A slightly different look and feel towards my video diaries this week – the weather has changed and ‘boy’ was it dark recording it.

This week looks at the following:

  1. An overview on what I’m doing when it comes to working with Certainty3D, Point Cloud Processing company is Florida USA.
    1. Developing UK and EU sales and technical support
    2. Looking for a BDM for C3D – see details here
  2. What is happening with the “Get Kids into Survey” Campaign
    1. Working on the Antarctica “winter” survey scene which will come out in January 2018
    2. Looking for new survey type organisations to help me produce it for the kids – See the campaign page for details on how you can get involved
  3. The Buyers Journey – have a look at this piece of juicy content from Content Marketing Institute – a fascinating subject on ‘the buyer’ – as we struggle more and more to find the right person and and ‘whom’ to speak to…. this is a hot topic, which i’m going to continue with over the next few weeks
  4. Thinking about your BUYER…. and in this case….: which ‘mobile mapper’ is right for you… I’ve showcased (links below) four key videos – they are all very good however which of these mobile mapping promo videos actually gets across
    1. The differences
    2. How they solve the customers problem?

There is no right or wrong answer, they are all good but its a good way to compare who is getting it right….

Comparing ‘mobile mapping scanner’ VIDEOS,


While i’m being a little heavy on these guys, their videos are very good!  What i’m trying to get across to you all is ‘reduce the amount of features’ and solve your customers problem.  Solve their problems and ‘selling’ will become much easier!  Think about it when you buy something!

Overview of the videos are here:

  1. Topcon
    1. Great visuals
    2. Love the music
    3. Street scene
    4. Feature orientated
    5. Portalbility shown
    6. Driving… driving…. shows the software
    7. Feature orientated again “wide field of view scanning range’ which is ok… but still why Topcon?
    8. More features……
    9. Market focused “GIS & Mapping” yes but what problem is it solving?
    10. Ooohh “as built inspection”.. better….. this should be at the beginning to capture your attention “Yes I have a problem related to “building inspection”
    11. Infrastructure maintenance… better again….
    12. But alas … doest actually focus on any particular ‘buyer persona’ and how it problem solves!
    13. Nice video though….. but did you watch it all?
  2. Leica
    1. Ooohhh nice music…. Impactful!
    2. Lots of things going on….
    3. Building environments… big ass projects… liking this… showing the work
    4. The focus “mobile reality capture” .. yep get it… (still loving the impact music, but its still not telling me anything ‘real’ yet?)
    5. 1min 27secs in and wow “ABOVE GROUND REALITY CAPTURE” – this is good. but maybe would have lost you by this stage?
    6. 1min 34secs in and “BELOW GROUND REALITY CAPTURE” ok better but this could have been at the start!
    7. 2mins 12 secs and POW the backpack comes into play… now this is awesome and shows how ‘easy’ it is to map underground but ends with no real ‘problem solving’ theme!
    8. 10 out of 10 for the music though!
  3. Trimble
    1. Hate how ‘adverts’ pop up at the start… so annoying but YouTube milks it – shame…
    2. Ok… catchy music
    3. oooh and its MDLs Dynascan (my fathers invention) now called Trimble MX2
    4. Feature orientated…..
    5. Feature orientated… again……
    6. “What problem are we solving guys?”
    7. Show’s its versatile…. ok…
    8. ooh love the ‘harsh environments’ but what are we doing?
    9. oooh now we are talking….. collecting ‘asset’ points but this is 1mins 40 into the video
    10. Better… 1min 57.. now we are talking about producing “high quality deliverables for CAD, GIS and asset Management systems” LOVE THIS
    11. oooh and describes which formats they come in… NICE!
    12. Features again….
    13. “Generate High Definition 3D Models” – great but WHY KOREC?
    14. Ends well with ‘who’ its targeted at – shows how versitile it is
  4. Riegl
    1. Funky musci
    2. Animation … nice but feature orientated
    3. Very feature orientated
    4. More features…….
    5. Why should we buy yours Riegl?
    6. Shows set up…. driving….. and how it can reduce shadows
    7. Explains that it is a ‘reliable data acquisition mapper…. and in challenging environments’ – ok great but why?  What problems are we solving?
    8. Effective scanning in build up areas … yep… and?
    9. Features again……
    10. Shows applications at the end… but no problem solving.

So, overall… they are all good videos but what is missing is focusing on an application or buyer persona to focus why it is the best solution for you to purchase!

What do you think?