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Get Kids into Survey: “Educating and exciting the next generation of surveyors while bettering the geospatial industry globally.” 

Our Mission

  • To Educate kids and the general public on the geospatial world incl. equipment, solutions, jobs, different areas of surveying etc.
  • To nurture and grow our community and our Brand Ambassadors
  • To work with educators & educate educators
  • To work with survey associations around the world
  • To offer scholarship schemes globally

How are we going to do this?

  • Through fun educational content, material and media
  • Marketing
  • Working closely with Brand Ambassadors & Distributers worldwide
  • Building a strong community
  • Working with Educational System (with help from the Brand Ambassadors)
  • Working on curriculum for schools and with other educational organisations
  • Providing Scholarships through our GKiS Education Fund
  • Working and collaborating with any similar communities/organizations with the same goals

Why do we want to do this?

Over 85% of UK surveyors said they have problems recruiting due to a lack of qualified applicants (RICS, 2015). In fact, “the skills shortage has now overtaken planning and regulation as the second biggest problem facing the industry” (Telegraph 2017). In the USA, POB Magazine reported a shortage of surveyors, full stop! The FIG and the NSPS both launched young surveyors networks to support surveyors aged up to 35 – but there’s a more basic challenge: to generate interest in surveying as a career while kids are still in school!


Get Kids into Survey Community and how you can help!

  • Who we work with – We’ve also teamed up with the fabulous Alison Watson, Class of Your Own to help us on the education front as well as the NSPS in the US, Michelle Brooks in Australia and the ICES in the UK who are now our active distributers in their regions.
  • You can help – Order a posters today; encourage kids into surveying, and share! share! share! Use the Hashtag #GetKidsIntoSurvey so we can see what you are up to. If you are an educational organization or want to team up with us, contact Elly today on

Many thanks to Phil Shuttleworth for the image of his kids setting out their Wendy House!

Do you have a passion for the Surveying Industry? Do you want to see it thrive, and inspire future generations?

We do too and in order to do that we want to keep on creating FREE fun and educational material like our posters. Please keep #GetKidsintoSurvey educational material FREE by donating today.

Some of our amazing Sponsors

Who are the surveying careers posters for?

Our fun A1/ US Standard 24×36 posters showcase some of the amazing jobs surveyors do. They’re aimed at kids aged 8-12, but are just as suitable for teenagers and adults. Also great for surveyor mums and dads to walk their children through the magical world of survey so they can explain what they do all day!


Why us?

  • Our background is in survey equipment, so we know the industry very well
  • We understand the terminology
  • We work globally with 90% of our client base in USA
  • We have a massive network of contacts

Who do we work with?

Get Kids into Survey with GeoGinger & Prof. Topo
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