Who’s doing what at Geobusiness 2016?



Who’s doing what at Geobusiness 2016?

  1. Attending Geobusiness 2016?
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“I love to see how everyone is getting on, latest news etc… I really hate having to find people or missing some important information.  So i decided to create a list to make it easier for you all (including mow!) If you get stuck or want to know more, drop me a note”  Elaine

elaine@elaineball.co.uk or +447825517850



1. Go to Twitter

2. Go to @EBTMarketing

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3. Click on LISTS

4. Click on Geobusiness 2016

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5. Click ‘SUBSCRIBE’

6. Now follow.  You can then just watch this list without scrolling through or typing in people’s Twitter Handles.  Easy peasy!


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