The POWER of a brand vs the FORCE of publicity

To the excitement and now disappointment of my fans; I published me on the front cover of @Forbes magazine.


After listening to @Kimgarst, USA’s top Social Media expert on the use of different Apps; I tried out her recommendation of Lab; an interactive ‘photo-shop’ app were you can manipulate pictures without the expense.

Playing with the features uncovered ‘magazine front covers’.  This got me thinking and I decided to see ‘what the reaction’ would be if I posted me on the front cover.

Only after one day did I have over 200 viral links via Facebook.  Was it the ‘Forbes’ brand name that got the recognition or the force of publicity I received because I was linked to famous ‘brand’?

Was it the power of the brand? OR the force of publicity due to the brand?

One year we exhibited at an exhibition in Houston, Texas and that also got the same reaction!  We went for the impact!  Brand name in your face!  The exposure was phenomenal (but we had the cost)!  By testing out the photo app got me considering the impact for companies ‘when’ you choose the right platform | medium it can reap you great rewards. 

Whats your thoughts?