OMG my product is great but I’ve hired idiots!

This is a rather touchy subject and quite controversial but its also a very important subject.  You may have a great product and service.  The marketing is right, you’re getting the leads, you’re slowing (and I mean slowly) growing but that’s it.

Have you looked at your people?  Do they get on? Are they happy? Are they the right people on the right seat in the right company?  I’m guessing not! Or maybe its just TLC needed?

I usually consult with a very good ‘performance management specialist’ Saxtons in Harrogate for answers.  Here is a snippet:

“How to know if they are the right choice as an employee?

Find out what has excited them before; excitement=motivation.  Simply ask at interview “When you have been involved with something at work that really excited you; what did it involve?” 

Does their answer match what you want them to be excited about?”  

Unfortunately we hire on the wrong reasons; for quickness, we like them, they will do, we think they are right etc.  If you LOOK at the top performing businesses in the world; they have GREAT People.  Highly motivated and highly TRAINED in soft skills!

When looking at the overall picture I always consider the people.  If you want your company to work you have to look at the people involved.