LinkedIn – You NEED to use Creator mode

LinkedIn – You NEED to use Creator mode

I mean, you’ll already know that I LOVE LinkedIn, it’s by far one of my favourite platforms! It’s a brilliant way to network, grow your audience and speak to those in your industry and sector. Yet getting the most engagement isn’t just down to content, if you activate Creator mode you’ll find a whole new way to engage your people.

Using Creator mode will make your profile optimised for discovery, which means your posts will be more visible to your target audience. You’ll also get additional insights and analytics that can tell you what’s working – and what isn’t, which are invaluable!

Creator mode also unlocks new features you simply don’t get with a basic profile. From a badge for your profile to changing your profile image into a mini video; it’s time to think about how your profile sells you the first time a potential lead sees it.

LinkedIn checklist:

✅Add CTAs (call to actions) to your LinkedIn profile and tell your target audience exactly what you want them to do – from downloading rate cards, visiting your website or sending you a message

✅Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags – the more unique the better and you’ll get the chance to actually OWN a hashtag with your content if it’s something that people wouldn’t typically use so choose something unique for your brand. LinkedIn recommends 2-5 targeted hashtags per post.

✅Commenting is your currency – LinkedIn expert Judi Fox explained that to build awareness you should be using comments but not just saying something for the sake of it. Your comments need to add value and insight to spark conversation.

Ball’s Golden Nugget; Use the star feature to bookmark who you want to talk to and work with

If you are in Creator Mode on LinkedIn, the Star feature will become your new favourite tool. 

You can ‘star’ potential people you want to work with, do business with or engage with so their content comes up in your feed first – it’s perfect for sales and business development!