Let’s get the buzz started for GEObusiness 2015

EBTM and Geobusiness 2015

Let’s get the buzz started for GEObusiness 2015

From the success of our first Twitter Chat (trial) talking about ‘what you will be showcasing at Geobusiness 2015’, we at @EBTMarketing have decided to launch a twitter chat on Thursday 21st May at 4pm GMT prior to the show starting on Tuesday 27th May.  Why?  To get the buzz going!!

What do we do and how does this work?

We will post 3 questions over the course of 30mins on @EBTMarketing as follows at 4pm on Thurs 21st May

Q1. What are you showcasing at Geobusiness?

Q2. What do you expect to get out of Geobusiness?

Q3. How will you know if GeoBusiness is successful?

When you answer any question, please add A1, A2 and A3 to represent questions Q1, Q2 and Q3.  For example:

A1.  Awaken your inner GIS solutions with @LaserTechPro @Geobusiness. Booth L28

A2. Meet surveyors who could use our kit #EBTMgeo @EBTMarketing @Geobusiness

A3. We will have secured five meetings at the end of the show #EBTMgeo

You can comment and share as much information as you wish.

NOTE:  Each answer must contain hashtag #EBTMgeo

WHY?  So we can track the progress and give you a report at the end!  See previous TwitterChat

Rules of the game

  • You can answer as many times as you like
  • The goal is to ‘interact’ with others; retweeting (RT) and helping each other out.  The more RT’s, the more exposure you will get!
  • Use Hashtag #EBTMgeo
  • Google and other platforms love this so it will improve SEO to your own websites.  Remember to use Keywords that represent YOU! I.e. #Survey #GIS #Mapping

Why key words?  When ‘people’ search for a specific word or phrase in Twitter, it will bring up ‘all’ the relevant information related to that keyword.

The benefits

  • Exposure to the Internet (search) (people trying to find you)
  • Exposure to potential clients
  • Exposure to who is following you
  • Exposure around Geobusiness
  • Exposure to other exhibitors who may not have heard of you
  • FUN!

EBTMarketing will also be giving a workshop on Wednesday 14:45 Room E – CLICK here to register and claim your free goody bag! (Prioity for registered attendees)