Learning the sales game?

By Elaine Ball

Learning the sales game.  You either have it or you don’t?  This was the topic of conversation at last weeks training session given by sales gurus Huthwaite International at the Radisson near London’s Heathrow T5.

Being in the world of Geomatics and selling technical type products or services to other technical type people is always challenging to say the least.  The industry of surveying is an interesting one with key players in the market who ‘seem’ to have a knack of selling.  How?

I decided to check it out and understand the sales game myself!  My focus, to understand how I can become a better sales guru?

So, did Huthwaite International give me the new tools I was hoping for to be an amazing sales women?  Funny enough, I already had them.  The process is simple; its all in the language and you all have it!  Its about uncovering it and using a process.

In a nutshell and without giving away too much juicy information (you need to do the course) (I’m not on commission! 😉 here are some key tips:

Sales Game Top Tips:

  1. The problem.  Find out what the customers problem is.  Ask key questions to investigate the issues the customer is having. What are some of the other problems that could be affecting the customer… any underlying issues?
  2. Next, get the customer talking about the solutions.   For example; if you had x, what does that mean to you? By getting the customer talking about how it can be solved, it will uncover lots of juicy things that YOU can help with.  Be careful not to go down a route that you can’t solve! Or worse, your competitor can.
  3. Now, don’t chuck it all away.  Give the customer your options, the key features, the advantages of your product or service and why it’s an advantage.  Next, the benefits and why your product is better.  This is classed as your unique selling point(s)!

Sales is not just for those that ‘have it’, its in every one of you and its up to you to unravel it!  Ok, I’ve made Huthwaites SPIN course sound simple…  it is but well worth the recommendation I am giving it for others!  Try it yourself and become an amazing sales person!