Interviewing the experts of your Industry series – Sue Cordingley

Interviewing the experts of your industry series: What works?  People are your best asset! #004

Staying ahead of the game, it’s all about the people!
In today’s business world, staying ahead of the game is hard work.  Figuring out where your strengths and weaknesses are can be easy, but acting on them can be difficult.  People are key to a successful business but they can also take your business down!

Why can’t people be like you!
Business owners are interested in making the best products, getting their beloved equipment out into the market and solving problems for clients.  They expect (like we all do) to hire people like us: hard working, self-sufficient, etc.; and they expect people to get on with the job and do it well. But company bosses don’t spend time hiring the right people and worse, and often they don’t train them properly, all precursors to a headache you will want to avoid!

Getting your people right is the key for success!
Hiring, firing, disciplining, managing, and motivating – all of this is exhausting! Today’s podcast is all about people: the pit falls and the successes stories.  Elaine Ball, CEO of EBTM, a technical marketing solutions company for the Offshore, Geospatial and Mining Industry, interviews Sue Cordingley, a leadership and management specialist.  The pair investigate the pitfalls of recruitment, the difficulties in management learning and development, and psychometric tests such as the Myers Briggs and Saxtons CORE values and beliefs.

Who is Sue Cordingley? 
Sue has over 26 years of developing management skills, providing bespoke learning and development programs, and mentoring individuals from across many industry sectors.

She is an advocate for women in management roles and helping improve overall confidence in women as leaders.

Sue Cordingley

(From left to right: Elaine Ball, CEO of EBTM.  Sue Cordingley, CEO of Sue Cordingley Associates, and Amanda Finn, Marketing Communications Director of EBTM.)

Sue has worked within many global banks, from HSBC to Barclays.  Implementing strategies for companies in order to become self-sufficient in developing their young/new managers and improving the company’s overall performance.

Sue’s areas of expertise include but are not limited to mentoring, change management, personnel development, executive coaching and management development.

You can find Sue on LinkedIn or SueCordingley