Instagram – engagement is the key

Instagram – engagement is the key

Instagram is sometimes a tricky channel for us geospatialers!


  • What content to put? psst.. a great book on content ideas is The Content Fuel Framework by Melanie Deziel
  • What to show?
  • What type of video should I showcase?
  • How can I be different?
  • What should I post?
  • I’m not create! blah blah blah

I hear you Geospatialer!

Difficult, but not impossible as Slugsy100 demonstrates

Two examples highlighted at Social Media Marketing World in March 2023; were language app Duolingo and influencer Miss Excel. Both have ZERO to do with the world of geospatial but there’s HUGE lessons to be learnt here!

  • Duolingo makes learning creative and fun, so the user doesn’t feel like they’re back in an awkward school lesson learning sentences they will never use in real life.
  • The key is to find a new, fun way to talk about something that could otherwise be dry and boring (like Surveying!  Or Point Clouds…. YAWN!) Check out their profile as it’s seriously creative!
  • Miss Excel is teaching hacks and tips for getting the most out of Microsoft Excel. Another boring topic…
  • But it’s the WAY that she teaches it, with short and direct videos that are easy to learn and replicate that makes it compelling. Her account has only been going since 2020 and is at nearly 750,000 followers because she creates content that people want to see and find useful.

Instagram checklist:

✅ Creativity – this is the perfect platform to get weird, different and just be creative with your content. On Instagram, weird works!

✅ Tips and hacks work well – imagine how well surveying tips could work!!


Ball’s Golden Nugget; Think about what you want to say and cut it in half

The key with Instagram is short, snappy videos, in fact the prime length for a video reel is between seven and 15 seconds but experts think ten seconds is the ideal

For stories, you get up to 60 seconds of video but data shows many users flick past after just ten seconds so keep it short, to the point and your audience will engage.