If THESE 4️⃣ Surveyors Walked Into A Bar…

If an Innovator, Disrupter, Landman and Under-Dog walked into a bar… what would you get?

Well, Geospatialers, you’d get some of the most exciting and forward-thinking surveyors & businesses in the online space right now!

⬇️ Take a look at 4 businesses we LOVE to follow…


The Innovator

Microdrones (@microdrones_uas) are a BIG company with a fabulous story. Because what’s better than telling your product story in your marketing… SHOWING YOU. Their DOWN TO EARTH SURVEYOR REALITY SERIES DEMONSTRATES THE EFFICIENCY OF DRONE LIDAR.  These videos are hypnotising, to say the least, and their tenacious innovations show a true passion for aviation.

A great example of how to generate marketing leads!


The Disrupter 


Matt (@thepartychiefsurveyvest) – designer of the party chief survey vests – is a surveyor personality waiting to blow up! His fun and lighthearted approach to marketing is something that we LOVE following, disrupting the norms and breathing new life into geospatial marketing!

See Surveyors can be extroverts!

The Landman

Lee Landman (@slugsy100) lives and breathes construction surveying in Cape Town, South Africa. With his hugely popular following on Instagram, Lee uses eye-catching photography and fun videos as a marketing method. And what better name do you need as a surveyor!?


☝🏻 This dude also got shot at last year, and the bullet just missed his head, scalping him! We may change his name to Mr Resilient.


The Under-Dog 


LSB bvba (@lsbbvba3945) or Lieven is a land surveyor from Belgium who focuses on 3D laser scanning and teaching. His webinars are incredibly informative, and he loves to share new outlooks on old methods (aka challenging the status quo!).

Who says a dog doesn’t have its day!  Lets keep an eyeball or two on Lieven!


Let us know what you think – which Geo recommendation has your vote?


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