Hanging onto that rocket! The 3D laser scanning market is on the up up and away!

By Elaine ball, a marketing perspective, 3D laser scanning market

The 3D laser scanning market is changing rapidly.  We have all seen the decline is pricing with the hustle and bussell of the Faro Focus ‘frightening’ all the other manufacturers around the globe.  (The impact was phenomenal and a great change in direction).  3D Laser Scanners used to cost the earth and it was only the big players who could take advantage with big bucks.

Now its improvement in technology, size and sophistication.  However what is set for 3D laser scanning companies? According to analyst Scott Evans, the principal author of ARC’s 3D Laser Scanning Global Market Research Study.  The market is to continue to grow into double digit figures.

Marketers who are intertwined into this market have 3 options

  1. Get out of the market
  2. Stay as you are and have a slow death
  3. Change

There is noting more certain than change.  Marketers of these companies need to take charge of the fast changing market and get onto the rocket.


Addressing areas such as:

  1. Workflow; reducing the customers time on the job
  2. Enhancing the product offering; smarter
  3. Diversifying into new markets
  4. Smarter, slicker but SIMPLE software
  5. Reasonable pricing; to open up other new market opportunities
  6. And getting the right message across!

The ‘king’ of all marketing thought at the moment is ‘content’ and something 3D laser scanning companies need to address.

  • Simplicity with facts and key benefits.
  • Messages through integrated social media platforms (The Marketing Spiderweb)
  • Video & Mobile.  Video is up 146% on last year; getting ‘simplicity’ across to the consumers.  Making it easier and easier to understand the product offering

3D laser scanning Marketers will have to embrace the changes going on and not just in the 3D laser scanning market, but marketing too in order to embrace the drastic changes ahead.  Smarter uses of budget against new methodologies.  The 3D laser scanning market is a pot of gold but it’s being smart on both sides of the coin; The market and the marketing arena!

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