31st December 2020
Sheep Land (the Yorkshire Dales, England)


Welcome to the 6th  edition of the Geospatial Marketing Academy Newsletter – a fortnightly newsletter by me, Elaine Ball, on all the stuff that matters – geospatial marketing, life! A special non-contact high five to Danila and John. I appreciate you!

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Dear Friend,


Well this is the final day of the crazy, mad, weird 2020!  One that will be written into the history books!  This year has been wonderful for some and horrid for others! Businesses have been turned upside down, inside out and shaken all about!  “Oohh that rhymes”


But on a serious note; no matter whether this year has been kind to you or not, 2021 is a brand spanking new year.  I’m super excited to jump right in, head first sharing with you all my secrets, ideas and inspire you to improve your Geospatial Business!!

So to kick start this new year, here are 12 resolutions I’m making for 2021 – and I think you should join me 👇


  1. ​Set goals that are so ambitious they make me nervous [take me way-out of my comfort zone!]

  2. Focusing on scalable, high-impact actions instead of busy work

  3. Avoid comparing myself, my business and my journey to ANYONE else

  4. Learn new things to stretch and challenge myself

  5. Grow my authority within my industry and niche

  6. Lean-into instead of away-from conversations that challenge me and make me think

  7. Filter feedback to only the people I trust to give that feedback

  8. Get even better at delegating things [probably should make this number 1]

  9. Keep my values at the forefront of everything I do

  10. Say NO to things that don’t align with my trajectory, no matter how appealing

  11. Stop taking failure personally

  12. Prioritise my health and wellness in every area of my life


Would love to hear what your 2021 resolutions are?

Now remember the tradition is (in Scotland) to bring in a piece of coal past midnight! This is not only good for the fire (if you have one) but good luck for the new year!  (read more about the traditions of Hogmanay here)


Send me a reply to this newsletter and let me know your plans.


HAPPY NEW YEAR my Geospatial Marketers!


* * *

Thanks for reading to the bottom. Thanks for your kindness and generosity.

Stay safe. Stay sane. Sanitize!


I’ll be back on 14th January 2021



PS – Pick up a book / biography on someone who has succeeded (in many ways) in what they have done.  Give yourself a different perspective on life, success and failure! Broaden your horizons

I’ve chosen Dressed for War by Julie Summers’ the Story of Audrey Withers, Vogue editor extraordinaire from the Blitz to the Swinging Sixties


PSS – I grew up in Scotland, hence the ‘coal tradition’ above!


* * *



Marketing tools I used this week:

  1. Baaah… non, I’ve been eating mince pies, drinking copious (lots of) amounts of port and enjoying cold-crisp rides out on my Finn (horse)